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Thread: Warhammer I & II Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    someone knows if the Kaedrin'd mod manager for Warhammer II works well ? when i click on launch the game crashes instantly. Dunno if this is the right topic. thx to everyone.

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    Been playing TW:W I with Radious mod, it was fun, I liked unit variety (even if not very lore friendly) but inflated economy and constant pumping out stacks upon stacks of unit always bummed me out. Finished Vortex in TW:W II a while ago in vanilla, and now looking for new playthrough both Vortex and ME with mods.

    I'm torn between Steel Faith and Radious. Never used Steel Faith before but many folks recommend it and I'd like to give it a shot, but unit variety in Radious is a big interest point for me. So, I'm looking for either submodes or mods compatible with Steel Faith which expand unit rosters (f.e. actual unit division by God for Chaos, i.e. Khornites, Tzeentchites, Nurglites, Slaaneshites, etc). Or mods that pull economy and upkeep to vanilla levels for Radious mod (each one I found was pretty heavily outdated).

    Recommendations would be very welcome.

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    Default Re: Warhammer I & II Mod Questions & Recommendations

    I finally got my GPU (after 10 years with an HD4870) and I'm enjoying Warhammer so far, but I really dislike the visual design of some Empire units, they feel too skinny and with just a bit of cloth on them.

    Is there any good quality mod that makes empire soldiers (specially higher tier units, like greatswords) look more over-the-top and fluffy? I'm really not getting a Warhammer vibe with them.

    Something more like these:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Edit: for now I'm using MEN OF THE EMPIRE - Empire Unit Reskin, it does improve the issue a bit.
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    Are there any good UI mods? Looking for something in particular that would increase font size, as I'm having a hard time reading the text (and for some baffling reason CA include a text scaling option, but only lets you scale the UI and font DOWN).

    Also I'm curious if there are any mods that affect loading times? Loading screens in W2TW are taking 3-4 times longer than those in R2TW or S2TW, yet the usual time-waster (AI turns) cycle through lightning-fast for me.
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    Go to Steam Workshop, type "font" in the search toolbar, and 1 second later:

    Second question, yes there are mods that affect loading times. Mods which add units, playable factions, etc are usually making them LONGER.

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    A post moved here.

    Carry on.
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