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Thread: Yes! Mod will run with Steam Version and Windows 10

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    Default Yes! Mod will run with Steam Version and Windows 10

    After trying literally everything that has been posted I was about to give up, but I decided I would give it one more try. It worked.

    Here is what I did.

    First I uninstalled everything in the RTW game files, including Alexander. Everything! Be sure to clear your recycle bin also.

    Then I installed from Steam Total War Alexander (Do not install the RTW game files. It will install BI at the same time = game crash). Only install Alexander.

    Next I went to the exe. or launch file in the game folder and set it to compatibility mode "XP with service pack 3"

    The next step is to turn "OFF" AA in the preferences file.

    After that, insure that all four display resolutions in the "preferences" file match the resolution of your display (there is a thread on how to do all of this)

    Then launch Alexander to insure it is working. Play a turn and save it. Then go back and check your "preferences" file. It should be as you saved it.

    Now install RS1 from the install wizard to the Alexander folder. The version I used was 1.5c that I had saved years ago to a thumb drive. You should now be able to run RS1 with no problems.

    As an added note, I modified all the entries in the unit export file as well as some in the descret strat file. I've played over a hundred turns, fought successive battles without a hitch. The game is running seamlessly. Better, in fact, than it ran on Win7.

    There is one main difference. The scroll feature that used to function on the construction lists and events windows no longer works. You have to use the slider and left mouse button to scroll down the lists. Don't know why this is, but it may have been part of the reason the original game was so unstable.

    I hope this helps someone. With that, I'm back to the game as it is "monsoon" season outside. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Yes! Mod will run with Steam Version and Windows 10

    i only have the gold version of rome total war

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