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    I want to make a suggestion for this great team to use, for characters of Western, Eastern and Slavic culture factions, the membership to the Order of the Dragon, perhaps as an ancillary image, for the generals who will have …let’s say, more than 4 stars, the trait “hates the ottomans” and piety above 4.

    “The Order of the Dragon (Latin: Societas Draconistarum, literally "Society of the Dragonists") was a monarchical chivalric order for selected nobility,[1] founded in 1408 by Sigismund who was King of Hungary (r. 1387–1437) at the time and later became Holy Roman Emperor (r. 1433–1437). It was fashioned after the military orders of the Crusades, requiring its initiates to defend the cross and fight the enemies of Christianity, in particular the Ottoman Empire.

    The Order flourished during the first half of the 15th century, primarily in Germany and Italy. After Sigismund's death in 1437, its importance declined in Western Europe, but after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, it continued to play a role in Hungary, Croatia, Wallachia and Serbia which bore the brunt of the Ottoman incursions.

    Also Vlad III’ name: Dragwlya (or Dragkwlya)[3] Dragulea, Dragolea, Drăculea[4][5] is a diminutive of the epithet Dracul carried by his father Vlad II, who was inducted as a member of the Order of the Dragon in 1431. Dracul is the Romanian definite form, the -ul being the suffixal definite article (derived from Latin ille). The noun drac "dragon" itself continues Latin draco. In Modern Romanian, the word drac has adopted the meaning of "devil" (the term for "dragon" now being balaur or dragon). This has led to misinterpretations of Vlad's epithet as characterizing him as devilish.”
    (from Wikipedia)

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    Other prominent members of the Order of the Dragon:

    As an Ottoman vassal, Stefan Lazarević was leader of Serbian auxiliary squads in the battle of Rovine, Nicopolis and Angora. After the battle of Angora, Lazarević received the title of despot from the Byzantines in Constantinople, in 1402.

    In 1403–04 he became an ally of Hungarian king Sigismund, and received Mačva, Belgrade (which became Lazarević's capital in 1405), Golubac and other domains, such as Srebrenica in 1411. In 1408 Sigismund founded the Order of the Dragon, a chivalric order for selected nobility, in which Stefan had the superior rank.

    In 1396, Hermann II bravely fought at the side of King Sigismund of Hungary during the battle against the Ottoman Turks in the Bulgarian town of Nicopolis.[2] The Christian coalition was soundly defeated. Hermann saved Sigismund's life.[3] The two escaped the battlefield on the same fishing boat and underwent a long journey back to Hungary together.[2] Sigismund rewarded Hermann by assigning to him the district of Varaždin in 1397,[1] followed in 1399[1] by various other districts in Zagorje along the border of the Kingdom of Croatia and the Holy Roman Empire.[2] These grants were hereditary and made the Celje counts the greatest landowners in Slavonia; from then on, they styled themselves "counts of Celje and Zagorje"

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    I think it is an excellent idea. We should incorporate it once the map is finished and we start scripting.
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    Thank you for the suggestion. We are of course considering a lot of options for traits and scripts and such but lack of manpower means we can only do so much.

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    If the Tsardoms team is able to get around to creating such traits/scripts it would be awesome. It's a pretty cool idea)
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    it would be cool of we would get missions from venetia and ragusa and then get theyr units as revard

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