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    Icon1 Lux Invicta : Total War

    Lux Invicta
    -a M2TW mod by The Master of Albion

    "Our revered ancestors fought to forge a world shaped in their image and shed their blood on the altar of their sacred cause. Their ancient exploits are nothing but legend now, and a great darkness has descended upon the realms of Man. Where are the titans of old now? Where is Alexandros, where is Seleukos, where is Kurus, where is Caesar? Can you remember their deeds and make their spectres bow their heads before you, in approval of your mighty leadership? Can you unite the bickering, warring realms of Man and forge an Empire as the world has never seen? Can you be the Restorer of the Realm of Light and banish the Darkness? Lux Invicta!"

    The year is 1066... the great empires of the known world came to an end, the successors of the Roman and Macedonian Empire are allover the world. The 2 great thrones were the roman emperors still rule are Rome and Konstantinopolis, and the Successors of Alexander rule far from eachother... but they all dream to regain the former glory of the Macedonian empire.

    Son of Alexander

    Alexander, had a son... he also had one and this takes us to the actual head of the Argeads, Basileus Phillipos of Kyprus, inheriting the land of Kyprus from his ancestors, he is a great soldier, but he lacks strategy or tactics, for now he is peaceful, but his father's blood still exists somewhere in his veins, and that blood needs conquest to persist...

    Still he is not the only "Pretender
    to the Macedonian throne", Dorotheos II of Thessaloniki, head of the Argeadi dynasty, dynasty founded by the bastard son of Alexander The Great, a great Rhomaion General, rebelled Basileia Rhomaion (being the one that caused the fragmentation), and even defeated the weak emperor currently ruling.Even if Phillipos was also a skilled fighter, Dorotheos is a formidable one, a good strategist and he wont have a good sleep until he regains the land of Alexander.

    Rise to power
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    This is the secondary campaign of the mod, choose one of the sons of Alexander, and take them to ultimate power!Having most of the land of the former glorious Macedonian Empire you can reform it again and become its Mega Basileus

    Normal Campaign

    The mod's basic campaign will consist of 2 parts, a ealry one from 1066 to 1466, and a late one from 1650 to 1750 for each of the mods versions : Son of Alexander, Europa Barbaroum, The Norse, A new Land and A Roman in Africa.

    Faction List and Map

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Campaign Map

    I - Basileaia Rhomaion
    II - Rhonmaia
    XI - S.P.Q.R
    XII - Regnum Napoli
    XXI - Venetia
    XXV - Wallachia (They are Latin)
    IX - Nikaea
    XIV - Isuria

    XVIX - Thessaloniki
    X - Pergamon
    XV - Pontus

    VII - Katepanikon of Athens
    VIII - Sparta
    VI - Despotate of Epirus
    XVIII - County of Mytilne
    III - Kingdom of Tylis
    XVI - Galatia
    XXIII - Singidun

    V - Dacia
    IV - Bulgaria
    XXIV - Serbia
    XIII - Austria
    XX - County of Capeva
    XVII - Gothia
    XVIII - Sarmatia

    Campaign Map Screenshots

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Ahh... Gereece

    Our beloved peninsula


    The Alps, Here the Austrians Live (Jodleihuuu..)

    I live here

    (london is just a placeholder)


    All Hail the "Mighty" Imperator !


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    [just some, if ill be lucky and get a sub-forum ("mod page"), i will post more]

    Borderguards : Scladiatores (S.P.Q.R)

    Scladiatores, they use the "scladium" a modified gladium (sword), a Backsword, similar to a scimtar or a sabre.

    Galatian Militia (All Celtic Factions Avalible)

    The Celts of Anatolia, they may have celtic blood, but they are more advanced in tehnology, and have better units

    Tsekoúrnikoi (Basileia Rhomaion)

    The Tsekoúrnikoi, the elite of the Imperator, they are goths, germans, that migrated in Thrace around 400-500 AD (in this alternate universe most of them came here peacfully), veryr powerful men, fighting in the service of the emperor.

    Auxiliary Archers (Basileia Rhomaion)

    Those soldiers wore the loriqua squamanta armour and a galea as helmet.Their armour is outdated beacouse, after the General fragmentation, they choosed to serve the emperor(not like other provincial units), and for "patriotism" the emperor choosed to keep their old armour, even if the generals of the army opposed this ideea, they kept the armour (its like france during ww1, everyoen had camouflaged uniforms, but beacouse of "patriotism" the french ket their blue uniforms), this type of outdated armour of elite units of a neo-imperial country is called (by me) Neo-Romani loricam.

    Skills : They are elite soldiers so they recive the best training, they are the best archers (as skills) that a Successor state has, they hide very well during winter, or in desert, but they cant hide so well in the forests beacouse of their glossy armour. Cheaper than other elite units

    Disadvantages : Bad and outdated armour, slow speed.

    Malleo Legion (All Roman states)

    They wore the well known Lorica segmentata, and they have a mail coif on their heads, as weapon they have a great warhammer "Malleo", and as shield they have a "Modernized" Version of the scutum(Pink colour for Basileia Rhomanion.Like other elite soldiers in the Successor State's armies their armour is a Neo-Romani loricam type of armour.

    Skills : Verry good attack and charge and somewhat good defence. Cheaper than other elite units.

    Disadvantages : Slow speed, outdated armour (for body and no armour fot the legs).

    Militia Equites (All Roman states)

    They are militia, verry cheap, almost unusefull with support of better soldiers.They wear cloth or leather armour, some are lucky and they have a small bronze torso armour.

    Militia Archers (All Roman states)

    They are militia, verry cheap, almost unusefull with support of better soldiers.They wear cloth or leather armour, some are lucky and they have a small bronze torso armour.

    For the one who care, what will be done :
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Camapign map:
    -2 new Campaign maps
    -Around 24-25 new factions
    -New buildings
    -New 3d Modells for the campaign map
    -New religions :
    - Orthodox
    -Pagan (other)
    Others :
    -New settlements (Other models for each culture)
    -New interface (ill try to make it look as much as possible to the CKII UI)
    -Dozens of new unit models
    -New weapons (new machines)
    -Special story for Kyprus and Thessaloniki factions (in special campaign)

    Thanks you all for watching this thread.

    I want you to know that this universe is created by the team making the CKII Lux Invicta mod.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    I love this concept, not enough what if scenarios here, some people can be so uptight about "historical accuracy", I wish you the best of luck. Being a huge "fan" of Alexander and his successors exploits, I always wondered what would have happened if a son of the Great could have solidified his fathers gains and then went up against the Romans. Just awesome.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    Thanks man , this is what will happen, except the period, the soldier armour and uniform will look different from the classical period, very different, i have some nice units concepts, and new weapon ideas, like a "crossbow", with a totally different realaod system (i was thinking like hours how it would work and look, not just random details on a Roman Crossbow. This Crossbow will have a longer range, better damage, and it can be reloaded from horseback (i think it will be a little bit easier to reload, but it takes longer)) and other types of weapons, right now I am working on the Kingdom of Tylis and other celtic factions (from europe), and a little bit on the Dacians and the Bulgarians. And also finishing the map of course.
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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    Small "update" :
    Kingdom of Tylis

    Celtic Spear Warband

    The Galatians originate from a celtic tribe called the Tectosages (originating from Gaul).They migrated in Germany and later in the Balkans and Anatolia.In the balkans the Kingdom of Tylis was a short-lived kingdom, later being conquered by the Thracians and Macedonians, after the Rise of Alexander a Tylisian noble successfully rebelled against the Macedonians, and after the Romans came, the Tylisians payed tributes to them and helped them in military campaigns,in order to remain "independent". The Romans "controlled" them for thousand of years untill recently when Basileaia Rhomaion was defeated by Dorotheos II. The romans had other tribes doing this for them (like the Singiduns), and excepting the military and economic help, the Romans ensured they will always be 10 step ahead of them, so the never shared their technology with them and ensured they wont advance much in technology.

    The Celtic Warband cant be equal with the worst militia of the Romans, Slavs or Vlachs, all of the surouding them, but they always come in big numbers and they have a higher morale than the other Neighbors.They mostly dont even wear clothes, some wear but this wont help them at anything else better than the skin.They have short spears or better said sticks,as some use the old "technology" in which the head of a stick is heated (unusefull against mail, scales of modern plates).They used small shields.You should use them just beacouse they are a little bit good against cavalry, but mostly beacouse they are cheap.
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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    Not crazy enough to be a real cool fantasty, not accurate enough to be hystorical. I recommend harder drugs or better historical sources, preferably the drugs tho, or AT LEAST some pills of high quality depleted putinium 3x a day!

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    Well this is not my idea or concept, this comes from another mo, from another game, and it is definetly not meant to be fantasy or historical, it is alternate history, and mostly different from the history we know, as far as i see the tech in the alternate history is very outdated, heres the original mods alterante history mostly , for the rest i recomand to play it yourself .

    As for the celtic warband, they are like the games peasants, cheap, unusefull.This mod is not a fantasy one opr a acurate one (lol i mean it cant), its a intersting world, where you can see naked people charge macedonian kights

    Edit : I would also want to talk about every states technology later.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    Recruiting legionaries

    If someone could help me with sounds, just messasge, any help is accepted.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    No more need of music modders.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta, The light fears no darkness.

    New unit

    Singudun :

    Mountain Tribesmen

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    Default Update: Lux Invicta : Total War *Update


    "History" :

    The Kingdom of Singidun has a verry nice history, starting from Antiquity and lasting to the period Lux Invicta Total War takes place.

    1.The migration

    The Scordisci were a Gallic Iron Age tribe centered in the territory of present-day Serbia, at the confluence of the Savus (Sava), Dravus (Drava) and Danube rivers. They were historically notable from the beginning of the third century BC until the turn of the common era. The Scordisci consolidated into a tribal state. At their zenith, their core territory stretched over regions comprising parts of present-day Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, while their influence spread even further.

    The Scordisci was a Celtic tribe formed after the Gallic invasion of the Balkans, or rather a "Celtic political creation" having mixed with the local Thracians and Illyrians. Their tribal name may be connected to the Scordus, the Šar mountain. The personal names are noted to have been subsequently Illyricized, having South Pannonian–North Dalmatian influence. According to onomastic evidence, Scordiscan settlements to the east of the Morava river were Thracianized. In parts of Moesia (northeast Central Serbia) the Scordisci and Thracians lived beside each other, which is evident in the archeological findings of pits and treasures, spanning from the 3rd century BC to the 1st century BC.

    Later, around 60 BC, King Burebista of Dacia started attacking the Celtic tribes sourounding Dacia, the Scordisci was one of them and it was defeated after some small battles, the Scordisci soon migrated in the Pre-Dinaric mountains where they lived a isolated life.

    2.Men of the mountain

    Their migraitom in the mountains was unnoticed, an no one tuched them for a
    Millennium, and their technology remained outdated mostly.Still up there in the mountains
    they started to develop new weapons, and intersting inventions.(look down for more about
    their inventions)
    Still, theiy begun to practice a Macabre “ritual”,the celts always belived the enemy’s
    sould can survive trough his head, but up there, many people begun to kill others for food or
    water, those murderers were beheaded and their heads were kept and used by trained
    soldiers to throw them in case of any attack, after this begining they started to behead the ill,
    in order to make the enemy ill as well, and even cut the heads of the ones who wanted to
    “help their tribe”, around 900AD they started to cut the heads of the each person who died.

    3.Dacian expedition

    Around 1032 the Dacian King and the Serbian one started a diplomatic expedition
    seeking and alliance with the Venetian leader, walking trough Dinaric mountains they foudn
    a isolated village not far from the city of Singidunum, they tried to raid it, for some more
    gold.But a surprise changed their plans, from the moment a dacian soldier raised his falx,
    heads started to me thrown at them, and naked warriors charged the Dacian and Serb soldiers,
    the image was terrifying for them, and they started retreating, a Zalmoxian Preist Recognized
    their paintings and tattos, they were the Scordisci.
    Soon after that the Chief of the Scordisci attacked Serb and Dacian ciries and villages around the Pre-Dinaric mountains and even conquerd Singidunum, their old capital city, this was the Moment the elders were talking about, The Scordisci one again rule over their old lands… The chief of the Scordisci “Crowned” himself the King of Singidun, starting conquering the lands of his Neibourghs.
    After long time of wars, peace was signed between the Singiduns and the others, now the Kingdom of Singidun spreads from the Danube to the borders of today's Monetenegro

    About :

    Ruller : Brennus IV, Descendant of Bolgios, the Gaul who started the invasion of the Balkans.

    Provinces :
    -Plav - Town
    -Scordisci Tribe - Village
    -Singidunum - Large Town (Capital)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Capedunon Regions

    Singidun Region

    Religion : Christo-Zalmoxian

    Religion in provinces

    -Plav - 60% Christo-Zalmoxian 25% Orthodox 5% Solar
    -Scordisci Tribe - 95% Christo-Zalmoxian 5% Heretic
    -Singidunum - Large Town (Capital) - 41% Christo-Zalmoxian 9% Orthodox 50% Zalmoxism

    Symbols and colors

    Symbol : Eagle (symbolizes the period in the mountains)
    Primary Color : Yellow
    Secondary Color : Black/Grey

    Campaign map flags
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Most units have random colors (like most of the barbarians)

    Unit Roster

    Early Units (Early "medieval")

    Foot Units
    -Celtic Warband : Spear
    -Mountain Tribesmen : Spear
    -Mountain Tribesmen : Sling
    -Mountain Tribesmen : Fustibalus
    -Mountain Tribesmen : Celbov[!]
    -Mountain Tribesmen : Sica (and other 1-handed weapons)
    -Ceannard-tilgidh : Head (Throwing)/Spear (Specil Unit)
    -Scordisci Spearmen : Spear
    -Tribal Militia : Spear/Sica
    -Celbovmen :
    -Scordisci Bowmen : Short Bow
    -Scordisci Elite Bowmen : Dacian Composite Bow
    -Scordisci Longbowmen : Scordisci Longbow
    -Guards of Singidunum : Javelin/Sword
    -Scordisci Noble Guards : Sword/Sica (Bodyguard)

    Mercenaries :
    Dacian Falxmen : Falx
    Illyrian Masked Warriors : 2handed Axe
    Roman Mercenaries
    Slavic Pikemen : Pike/Sica
    Ostrgothic Tribesmen : Small Ballista (Roman Crossbow)/Spear

    -Mounted Tribesmen : Javelin
    -Mounted Warband : Spear/Sword
    -Tribal Cavalry : Bow/Spear
    -Scordisci Militia : Early Roman Lance/Sica
    -Night Raiders : Javelin/Axe

    Mercenaries :
    Serbian Nai'ssus Cavalry : Small Ballista (Roman Crossbow)/Sica

    High Units (Late "medieval")

    Foot Units
    -Goliogoi : 2handed Sword
    -Goligúoi : Sword
    -Celtikoi : Spear~no shield (Provincial Unit for Roman factions in Scordisci Tribe and Singidunum)
    Mercenaries :
    -Balistoi Daciae : Celbov[!]

    -Mounted Goligúoi : Sword
    + Other

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta : Total War

    all the things i loved.except units.ur units has some texture,model problems.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta : Total War

    Models ill remake the models dont worry, i will make them better and more detailed (killing some performance but it will merit)

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta : Total War

    Any updates on this? I love the idea.

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta : Total War

    The development is halted beacosue i work hard on other mod sadly, when ill be back on this it will be awsome

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta : Total War

    Some lets say good news, i am back and i think i should work a bi more on this mod, some updates soon

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    Default Re: Lux Invicta : Total War

    YES! Thank you! I shall await patiently!

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