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Thread: Bountyhunter: The Grudge Bringer MOD released

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    Default Bountyhunter: The Grudge Bringer MOD released

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Sanmaya, and i have done some modding in Attila en Rome 2 total war. Getting myself into bigger and bigger project, and i'm very proud to announce my newest mod:

    Bountyhunter: The Grudge Bringer

    The idea behind this mod is to play the game differently, but at least as challeging. In a normal total war game you conquer provinces, build building and army, defend your provinces from attacks and conquer some more. This overhaul mod is entirely different from that. In this mod you are 'The Grudge Bringer', you take revenge on the enemy's of dwarf and let them pay dearly for all they wronged you and your fellow dwarfs. You get no income from buildings, but solving grudges and completing objectives and missions will get you a lot of bounty's. You also can liberate your fellow dwarfs and become very friendly with them with solving grudges. Of you don't solve the grudges they won't be your friends for long.

    In short, not a typical conquer game, but more a bountyhunter 'objectives' game.

    Try it out, see of you like it!

    Link to the mod on steam:

    What does the mod change?

    - This mod will give big bonusses from solving grudges and big penalty's if you don't
    - Missions and defeating enemey army's will also be be more rewarded
    - You will have access to special troops to help you with te task
    - Buildings will give you no income at all, of course you still need buildings to be able to build troops or keep your population happy. Buildings are more expensive to keep you from conquering and building to much. Only a few regions to buid troops should be enough, let the other dwarf conquer the rest or raze it.
    - You must help the other dwarfs to win, the enemy is stronger, without you they will fail. Defeated dwarfs can be liberated bij you or even made into vassals. You cannot confederate because that is against the purpose of this mod.

    You are The Grudge Bringer, let the enemy feel how angered Dwarfs are like! Make a few strong army's, give your Lords a good Grudge Bearer name, and go bring the dwarf's Grudge to all the Dwarf's enemy's.

    Credits to the following people who's mods i used to make my mod:

    • amt.mali for his 'Vassals Please Love Me and STFU' mod
    • GPM for his 'SOTHR units' mod
    • Prometheus for his skillpoints mod
    • Dresden for his 'no confederate' mod
    • True.tryggvi and Bigsur for their 'Diplomacy and resurrection' mod
    • uzo70 for his 'Better faction names and banners' mod
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails intro The Grudge Bringers.jpg   income.jpg   Grudge and reward.jpg   objectives and reward.jpg   objective complete.jpg  

    speciale units 2.jpg   speciale units.jpg   severity grudge pos.jpg   severity grudge neg.jpg   diplo neg.jpg  

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    Default Re: Bountyhunter: The Grudge Bringer MOD released

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    Default Re: Bountyhunter: The Grudge Bringer MOD released

    Sounds like a most interesting mod.

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