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Thread: Small Orthodox corner

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    Sir Adrian,

    Paul was given the ability to speak in many tongues because he was chosen not only to preach to Jews but to the Gentile peoples so when he entered a synagogue he spoke Hebrew and elsewhere the language of the Gentile people whose country he was in. The first churches were of Jewish converts and so Hebrew would have been the natural language to use in the letters sent from Jerusalem to them, why? Because their Scriptures would have been Hebrew or Aramaic. As these Christians were put out of the synagogue they formed house churches added to by Gentile Christians having heard the word. Was their language only Greek? No, because it is written that at Pentecost each foreigner heard the disciples speak in their own language or dialect to clarify the Gospel they were hearing about and were converted by. So, how did the disciples of Christ get the Gospel across to these peoples? We read that when Jesus sent out preachers of the word they were not to worry about what to say as the Holy Spirit would give them utterance as happened at Pentecost. So yes some would hear Greek, some Latin, some Hebrew, some Germanic, some Persian as well as other forms but the message never changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Adrian View Post

    When I Greek I mean Koine, not modern Greek which is like a completely different language.
    Not a completely different language. Much of the grammar, syntax and words remain the same.
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