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Thread: 1400 - Venice Testing Short Campaign

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    Default 1400 - Venice Testing Short Campaign

    Decided to test Venice in short campaign at first.

    Next my testing will be Aztecs Super-Empire as Gigantus recommended me!
    but now I want you to see gameplay things of 1400 Fall of White Face version.

    I chose Venice faction.

    Game difficulty - Hard
    Battle difficulty - Hard

    Win conditions - capture 15 territories and destroy Hungary with Byzantium.
    You think its simple?
    Trust me, you are wrong. Just look!

    You have starting positions as in vanilla.
    You now can`t see HRE army in Bologna. Bologna is independent.

    You need to capture this city immediately.
    But city controlles on mighty Rebel commander Henriqo Chivalrous. You must kill him. I did it! yeah!
    Bologna was mine and gave me abilities to call more professional troops.

    Zagreb was under control of Hungary and captured it.
    It was my second victory.

    Crete capital is improved city, so I called there many professional warriors.
    I sent it to Greece and captured it. No cheat-codes, friends, I never use it.

    Then I saw positions of other factions. Polish-Lithuanian forces were in Budapesht.
    Germans made big armies infront of Vienna. Budapesht didn`t have good armies, so I captured this city.

    After some turns city was mine. Also I sent troops and captured Durazzo city.
    I started to make my own country as empire. But........ you will see what I saw next.

    Hungarian forces were in Bran ... but they are already had good armies of knights.
    Its hard level and its can be disaster for my army of citymen troops.

    I tried to attack Bran and sent there big armies. I thought that Bran will be easy fortress for me.
    But I was wrong.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 



    Hungarian forces were too strong and powerful. ing reinforcements didn`t come to battle and didn`t help me.
    My army had crushing defeat. Hungary has too much horsemen with bows. I didn`t destroy them fast. My army went out from Bran territory.

    But I had good victories in Greece.
    Macedonian capital was mine after some battles. Then Byzantium made alliance with Hungary.
    They understood dangerous situation.

    Hungarians didn`t want to see enemies infront of their lands.
    King of Hungary sent against me good armies. I started to fight with him.

    You can see my battle
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I destroyed another army of Hungary.
    But Hungarians were too much. I wanted to capture Bran again but thought and decided to wait.
    Hungarians had too much armies of knights.

    I hadn`t good army of knights so I decided to wait.
    and king of Hungary came to me himself. He had good army, but I had more armies.
    Yeah I hadn`t 10000 knights, but my army was consist of good shooters and horsemen.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I won the battle, but didn`t kill enemy king.
    My army in Hungary built forts and stayed there.
    But other my legions started to kill Byzantium warriors in Bulgary.

    Byzantium army was too weak against me.
    Warriors of Basileos tried to attack me but were defeated several times.
    Soon I created more armies in Greece and sent it to Constantinople.

    Constantinople was under attack of my forces.
    But I heared the news, that Hungarian king Laslo again near was near Budapesht.
    I sent 2 armies against Hungarian king.
    You can see my battle again. Look under the spoiler.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I killed enemy king in battle.... and I saw this infolist

    Yeah! Hungary was destroyed.
    I killed in battle King and Prince. I even didn`t think about it, but victory came to my hands.
    My first enemy was completely destroyed.

    Then I sent armies to Hungary cities. Now they became under control of Revolutioners Forces
    I destroyed all rebels and captured these cities.

    Now Hungary is destroyed.
    But Byzantium is still strong. I need to defeat all greek armies.

    I also heared that Gaznavid Empire captured almost all Turkey.
    I need to win this campaign, because if you will be slow, enemy can simple destroy you.


    Continue in next post.
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    Default Re: 1400 - Venice Testing Short Campaign

    So listen the continue of my Hard short campaign.

    I started to attack Constantinople emperors army.

    It was very very hard battle. I had many pistoliers, but byzantians were stronger.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    I won this battle. Thanks God, reinforcements saved me.
    Constantinople was mine and Byzantium emperor was dead.

    Soon I captured Nicaea and other cities in Turkish territory of Byzantium.

    I captured powerful city of Byzantium - Smirna.
    It made for me available elite knights and venetian heavy infantry.

    But in Italy I heared bad news.
    Naples Kingdom attacked Florence and wanted to capture my cities there.
    I attacked Naples forces and started to fight with them.

    Naples warriors were very strong. They had elite infantry of Rundashirs.

    But my reinforcements came earlier. I won this battle, but lost many warriors.
    It was good lesson to my army. We must make Italy positions stronger. and we did it.

    I built good defence line in Italy. Naples will not destroy us.

    Then I again saw to Mediterranean positions. I sent fleet to Cyprus and wanted to capture it.

    Byzantians there were in big number. Emperor was there and didn`t want to give up.

    I destroyed all his armies.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Yeah I captured Cyprus!
    But Byzantium was not destroyed.
    and I saw more mighty threat for my empire. Gaznavids!

    Gaznavid Empire was near my territories.
    They had award of Strongest faction. Their army was .... giant.

    After some turns, Gaznavids sent army to my Turkish territories.
    They army was too strong. They had elephants.

    Soon they captured Smirna and Nicaea. They didn`t want to see my warriors near their lands.
    They sent to me emissary and offered me to be their vassal. I said them - No!

    They sent to me more armies. I fought with them very hard.
    I tried to stop their invasion, but Gaznavids were really powerful.

    But soon good news came to me.
    I found Byzantium last territories. They were... in Britain.
    Yeah, I forget. They had base in Wales and they captured Ireland.
    I immediately sent there fleet with 2 full armies of good knights.

    I need victory. Gaznavids can simply destroy all my army and defeat my faction.
    They sent army to Constantinople.

    I thought this is the end.

    Gaznavids sent to me almost 10 full armies. They had also 20 armies in their territories.
    Yeah, it was real pain for all factions in campaign.

    But.... Fortune was with me! yes!
    My armies in Britain captured Carnavorn and killed Byzantium emperor with his son.
    Byzantium lost all rulers. This faction was destroyed.

    Victory was mine! Yeah ! Sweet victory!
    I captured last castle of Byzantium in Britain and won campaign!

    So you, friends, can see all aspects of this version. You can see now, how strong are Gaznavids.

    Hard difficulty is not hard, its extremely hard there!
    I won campaign, but it was fortune, just fortune!

    Author of the book "Legends of Moon Landscape"

    also author of the book "Volcanorium" and other works too.

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