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    Here's a funny thing. After aeons of playing I noticed an error on the XL map but does it matter? No borders are specified for Murcia with its linked sea provinces of Gulf of Valencia and Straits of Gibraltar. This is clearly a mistake but what's the impact? As far as I can tell, the only impact is that the wrong - non-coastal - map is chosen when there is a battle caused by hostile invasion. Troops and trade can still move in and out; ships can be produced. Is choice of battle map all that the border entries in the startpos file do, so my great discovery is possibly the smallest discovery of all time? The same error occurs in Pike and Musket, which uses the same map. Can anyone point to any greater implications? If that's all it affects, no wonder if noone has noticed it previously!

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    And here's another weird thing about Murcia which may be more significant - I think it causes a crash. The border values for Granada to Cordoba are the same as those for Granada to Murcia (in vanilla Cordoba and Murcia were one province, so Viking Horde in creating the XL map has copied the vanilla values for Granada:Cordoba and forgotten to split the old border between the 2 new provinces). Most of the time that isn't a problem, but I have a saved game where Granada is being invaded from Murcia. If I make the invasion big enough to cause the AI to retreat to Cordoba, I get a crash (the fact that I seem from the file values to be invading across the same border that the AI then wants to retreat across understandably baffles the computer). I can't see any other explanation why the crash would depend on the size of the invasion. This situation won't occur very often, but if I am right this makes for an authentic crash-causing bug. Has anyone spotted it previously or has it been hidden for all the years that people have been playing XL, waiting for a complete anorak to footle around looking at borders?

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