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Thread: The cav in this game <3

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    So long, and well thought-out, and completely in balance with the universe were my prayers when it comes to cav in past/recent TW titles...but no, the Assembly gods just wouldn't answer. Okay, we need to sacrifice even more to the greedy gods, our souls apparently aren't enough! That's what i thought and what i did^^ And before you know it, you just get the cav you was hoping for in all those painful, long a fantasy game. Called Total War: Warhammer. it i say, whatever it is my cav runs down, i can finally love it <3

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    Hahaha I felt the same way about cavalry for a while too. I remember when I firsr played shogun as a kid. I chose rakeda and made a all cavalry army just for them to get stomped. Now in this game I could if I really wanted to. Just give them cannons to breach walls and kill everything in sigh.

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    really beautiful how shock cav can straight charge into a line and come out the before the line reforms with little losses.... follow up a cav charge with a line charge and then have the now flanking cavs recharge in the rear its so beautiful

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    I was in battle I was the human faction. I was out number greatly, and the a.i just stood there in battle not even moving. Whats even worse they had reinforcements by 2000 men. I was out number by 1/3. They had elite units too, and i didn't. So when the reinforcements came I send in my cav to harass the reinforcements I just kept plundering at them in the rear end over and over and try to bate them to my standing army across other map. I just kept doing this because I knew the I didn't have a chance towards the main a.i. I had my archers in the back of my army when I bated all the other stacks of units the A.I just came right at my in the front send 2 units of cavs at the rear. But i had 6 stacks of archers so I destroyed the cav units. I won the battle by the way but bailey came out alive. Karl franz had 400 kills lol. I was shocked has hell. If the enemy send in just one dragon at the end of the battle I would been completely squashed.

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    I really hate Cav in this game. If i don't shoot them with Arrows long before they charge they don't take any damage at all. Horses are actually quite easy to hurt and that was perfectly depicted in Atilla. Cav could be very dangerous if you use them right, but quite useless if used the wrong way.

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    Yes.. Cav in this game rule.. Even though I love Dwarves and usually play them in a fantasy setting... the undead have won me with their crazy cav. I love my mousillon black knights..

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