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Thread: Chivalry Total War - Problem - Religious Buildings and Territory

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    Icon9 Chivalry Total War - Problem - Religious Buildings and Territory

    As the Title of this thread says, I have problems when it comes to conquering different Religious Settlements (Islamic, Heretic (or Non-Conformation)). So this basically goes this way: I conquer the settlement - I see the religion is Islamic so I destroy it's religious buildings - then I look at the BUILD bar and I see none of my Religious Buildings showing up - so Instead I try to put a Leader in there, no conversion happens (Into Christian).

    I also tried to Disband lots of villagers in the Settlements to replace the Governor's House (Eastern Culture) to a more upgraded one, one of my culture (European) - I did that, the Culture changes, but not into Christian, it goes into Heretic or Non-Conformation. Is there a way to deal with this?

    Now the second of this problem is the TERRITORIAL PROBLEM (Or so I think). I have noticed during the game-play of several Faction (Kingdom of France, England, Bohemia, etc.) that I can't see the Border-Lines of my Territory, confusing me where do my Territory borders lie at! Now this might not be a BUG, but some kind of the game's "FEATURE". But either way can someone grant me the pleasure of understanding whether it's a
    BUG or "FEATURE"? If it's a "FEATURE" then why, what's the purpose?

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    Default Re: Chivalry Total War - Problem - Religious Buildings and Territory

    There are certain special "buildings" which reduce the unrest, a lot. If those don't help or aren't available in the relevant region, then this is on purpose.

    As for border lines, that's not a bug, but has been a visual design decision with one of the last releases, iirc..
    I think, it's not hard to putting back the lines by yourself, if you can't live with it as it is. Perhaps somebody here will give tipps, or go into the modding workshop with such items.
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