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    After Playing alot TW Warhammer and enjoying the Giants(with mod much bigger) i had the feeling how cool it would be to have something like Total War Godzilla......Mod/NewGame.

    A New Game, units Reskin or a whole total conversion(Survival Style) would be funny and/or maybe, it would bring a new level to total war. In a total conversion/New Game, Godzilla and the other Monsters from this Universe would act like hordes(Chaos or like Atilla's Huns,white huns etc) with massive HP and lives. 2-3 Monster Factions: the really bad ones Ghidorah,Gigan,Destroyah etc; Monsterisland population with Godzilla, Anguirus,Rodan etc ; last but not least...the Human friendly ones Mothra, Young Godzilla,Ebirah, Jet Jaguar,Biolantte etc with their specific abilities which will initiated as with the wizards..And some Human Factions.
    The Goal is like as usual to prevent the destruction of cities and lands and to stop those monsters or Play those Monsters Factions. They would have limited movementpoints(reduced speed on battlemap) so the human factions can plan and create defense in time to slow down the march until the HP and lives are down. The Human gets Modern reskins for Tanks, atillery, Copters,rifle/rockets infantry,traps etc. and the ultimate weapon, Mecha Godzilla.On the battlefield it is importent to hide the units and stay away of the monsters engagement range. Destroy cities, modern City's and new Campaign Map would be to hard to achieve stay vanilla and would be an acceptable compromise for a Mod.^^

    Damn, this would a nice new Fantasy project for CA.^^

    Warning it is dreaming and wishful thinking!!!!!!

    So stay nice and quiet!!!!
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