First off thanks very much for the submod

I reached 130 turns in as Epirus and I thought I should report my experience using some increased movement values.

I went with 375 movement for characters, 350 for generals, 500 for fleets - largely aiming to avoid an utter blitzing of the map.

I would say on balance, certainly no worse for the change, quite possibly better.

I'm not sure if I've come across anything like the Sicily campaign on page one, I would say I've seen ai forces "doing stuff" i wouldnt normally expect, even if its been more against the other ai than me. The big difference ive seen is ptolomies.

In the campaign opening, i took Crete and gifted it to Macedonia (largely to try and preserve a faction who you otherwise almost "have" to finish off as Epirus) and left Rhodes greek. Whilst KH tried to finish off the Antigonids (not that interesting), i was properly surprised when The Ptolomies showed up to remove their rivals.

Pergamon which had largely removed the ptolomies from anatolia then finished off KH decided to attack Pella. I countered and took out Byzantium and a couple of FMs. I was then (again) surprised that the ptolomies showed up in what seemed to be a quite high intensity back and forth over rhodes, I believe both sides invaded more than once. the ptolomies eventually took rhodes and killed off Pergamon's last FM. this is probably all within 80-90 turns. Whilst I worry that these three dead factions is fast, I was undeniably involved in all of them.

I was on my way to Sicily to try and get the reformed govs only for my plan of taking out rebel syracuse as a base got rather complex. the ptolomies got there first and took the city. odd though this was the romans then countered (as something of an exception to their general peninsular bound ways). within the last couple of turns the ptolomies have shown up again, this time taking Rhegion. By now I've rather got used to this, but its not something I'd seen before.

Currently, I've Carthaginians in the south of france, germans in scotland, and numidians in corsica and sardina. in my view whilst only 11 free states remain, there's got to be an argument for more use of stuff like scripted garrisons in terms of "fixing" that if indeed its a problem.

The only really odd behaviour i've seen is around the Hellespont. I know you'd "normally" expect the AI to casually send troops across trying to get to the other side, it has got a bit silly, I've seen the Gatai, Pontos, Sauromatian, Bosphoran Hayatan troops all try and cross there irrespective of who owns any of the 5 or 6 provinces between where they start and where they want their troops to end up. I think in future preventing troops from walking across without ships could be an idea.

imho the two issues, less free states and the Hellespont are reasonable costs to pay to have exactly no idea where the Ptolomies will dump their next stack.