Hello guys , first i wanna thank the EB team for both of their games.
I do know that law counters corruption , in the eastern portion of my empire and in Asia Minor , most of the cities got huge corruption problems , and sometimes for some reason when i build law buildings like the temple of Zeus for exemple the corruption value doesn't drop , not even a little bit.
Is this a bug or the corruption is so strong that law buildings won't even affect it ?
the lack of income is pretty frustrating to be honest since i'm waging war on 3 fronts at the moment and money is running dry .

Also why the hellenic cataphracts got the same charge value as the Hetairoi (21) ? aren't they much more heavily armored and got a Kantos instead of a the Xyston carried by the Companions ? aren't they supposed to have a much better charge and staying power but on the other hand get tired much more quickly ?
on the other hand the parthian cataphracts got a massive value of 30 while they look identical.