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Thread: Ad Mari a Mare

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    Default Ad Mari a Mare

    Mod Name: Ad Mari a Mare (AMaM)

    Mod Platform: M2TW-K
    Release Status: in Progress
    Mod foldered:Yes
    Mod creator\team leaders: Hellvard
    Mod team members: 1
    Mod Description: AMaM is Medieval 2: Kingdoms mod focused on Middle Europe, Scandinavia, northern Italy and Balkans from 1232 to 1370y. Mod offers 30 playable factions, with majority of them never presented in any mod before. Do you want to reunite a Kingdom of Poland? Fight as Prussians against Teutonic invaders? Take control over Hanse and become a supreme trading power on Baltic? Face endless tides of Mongol invasion or settle the Guelphs and Ghibellines conflict in Italy? This mod offers you all of this and much more.
    Other info on mod:
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s)
    Permissions: Permission by request only
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