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Thread: Wakes Realism Overhaul

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    Default Wakes Realism Overhaul

    Mod Name: Wakes Realism Overhaul

    Mod Platform: Warhammer total war
    Release Status: Ver 1.4.4
    Mod creator\team leaders: Wakelessrex, Elric von Rabenfels, Zoomooz
    Mod team members: Khorne_Flakes, Drathmar
    Mod Description: To create a more realistic experience that doesn't detract from the game play, to add immersion and depth wherever possible, but also to stay within the lore. So far we have made great gains in our combat model where once 6 minutes was the average time of a large battle it is now 20 and we aim to increase that. Magic has been overhauled to be much more powerful but also much riskier to use. And there is a difference now between weak and powerful casters. We aim to completely change the game from the vanilla experience.
    Other info on mod:
    Forum link(s):
    Download link(s):
    Permissions: Free to use (except where my work includes others, they have to get the others permission)
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