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Thread: HoI IV - Impressions?

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    The big impression, is that the AI is absolutely broken.

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    Typical paradox game, virtually unplayable upon release [think HOI-3, but perhaps not as bad, when I saw Walmart pulling HOI-3 from the shelves within 48 hours of the release I was glad I had resisted the urge to buy it upon release, and when I bought it about 18 months later I still felt ripped off because the AI was crap].

    Fortunately Paradox has shown a strong willingness to patch the games, unfortunately a lot of these patches/fixes come in DLC that you have to pay for.

    I have a chip on my shoulder against Paradox for a number of reasons, mainly because they release games that are often unplayable upon release. Ultimately the game will be patched significantly by Paradox, modded significantly by the mod community, and it may very well become awesome, but right now it is *FAR* from awesome.

    Paradox basically releases a template made with their engine and it is up to the modding community to perform most of the fixes and make the game actually playable and truly enjoyable.

    It would be unwise to ever pay more than $20 dollars for any of their games. It would also be generally unwise to buy any of their games immediately upon release. Wait 18-36 months for the game to be fixed [by Paradox and by fans] and to be modded [by the fans/mod community] and then snag some bundle with DLC on a Steam sale.

    I would never pay $40-$50 for anything by Paradox.
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    its a really good game if you like the style, yeah the AI can be a bit weird, but its still a nice game to play

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    It's really fun, Even very minor nations like New Zealand can have a big impact if used correctly. My last game my own version of the 2 NZEF and prepped them for shipping out. Italy was taking over Egypt and India after they took the Suez. With my small forces literally leading the spearhead, I was able to to turn the tide in Africa, retake the Suez, land a unit in India to start liberating provinces, and literally turn the tide of the war. Now we're Fixing to invade Italy with the Free French while UK is going to invade Europe.

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