Hello guys!

WarcraftHero gave me the advise to use your updated XIDX extractor during my many issues with adding unique voices to Warcraft Total War. I also had a similar problem with the events-files not being recreated in the same big size in Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate as well - a sub mod i am working on.

This program of yours is supposed to be able to extract the events.dat and events.idx files but i don't know how?

Actually, i am using a Windows 7 from 2013 - gaming computer.

The old program from 2004 works fine. Nothing happens when i click the .exe, as a black screen is visible for half a sec and then disappears.

How do i even extract the events-files?

Thank You, i am getting really frustrated at the stupid sound-files never recreating properly. In some other mods i had zero issues.

It is this program: