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    Icon6 DrKing's Total Warhammer

    A number of game tweaks to suit my personal taste.

    Main Points:
    - Expect longer, messier melee. Fatigue now only decreases attack, not defense, so units that get tired are "trapped" in a sloggy melee. Throw fresh units into it and watch them deliver a proper slaughter.
    - Heroes and Monsters attack more often. There is a lot less "standing about looking at each other" and heroes /big monsters are a lot more dangerous offensively.
    - Missiles are dangerous, like they were in previous total war games. Even goblin archers are not to simply be ignored, and your strategy must account for guns/crossbows that need to be dealt with.
    - Armies move more slowly on the campaign map, but not by much. On the contrary, all-cavalry armies enjoy a speed bonus that they didn't have before, and the tireless undead will make you run circles. detail:

    Battle Balance:
    - Morale rebalanced; more factors affect it and units don't swing back and forth as much.
    - Fatigue rebalanced; generally takes longer to apply and to go away.
    - Undead are immune to fatigue.
    - The attack speed of all characters and monsters has been increased.
    - Unit weight and bracing adjusted, fewer units will be comically flying around.
    - Missiles rebalanced; generally stronger, and there is now a real difference between guns, bows and crossbows.
    - Ammunition decreased for all units.
    - All shields now grant a bonus to melee defense.
    - Greatswords have plate armor (85).
    - Demigryph lancers have less armor piercing damage.
    - Grail knights are smaller units with better base stats and more health.
    - Blood knights are smaller units with better base stats and more health
    - Blood knights have the "the Hunger" ability of vampire characters.
    - Augments and Hexes last a little longer to account for the slowed melee combat (see above).
    - Upgraded vortex spells are slower (so they don't fly away as much).
    - The Blessing of the Lady now affects all of Bretonnian nobility.
    - The battle camera can be lowered closer to the ground.
    - Units can be dragged into longer lines.
    - Closer deployment zones.
    - Tower range decreased.

    Battle Cosmetics:
    - Blood knights reskinned to a red-silver look.
    - Grave guard and Black knights reskinned to a black-armored look.
    - Skeletons reskinned to have darker armors.
    - Lords and heroes rescaled.
    - Chaos steeds rescaled.
    - Skeletons no longer move in sync.
    - Grave guard now move in sync.
    - Grail knights no longer have glowing lances.
    - Chaos warriors now also use swords.
    - Archaon's armor is black.
    - Black orcs wear black armor.
    - Dwarfs wear many colors.
    - Vampire Counts are black instead of red.
    - Warriors of Chaos are grey instead of red.

    - Campaign AI will retreat more intelligently, if able.
    - AI cheats less on normal/hard, particularly as it relates to attrition and replenishment.
    - No more "upkeep handicap" for the player, all upkeep slightly increased.
    - Raiding stance now also decreases upkeep costs by 30%.
    - Replenishment rate rebalanced; generally lower.
    - Dwarfs enjoy a +5 resistance bonus to corruption.
    - Characters get 2 skill points every 5 levels and 3 skill points at level 30.
    - Agents limited to 3 per type maximum, instead of 10 per type.
    - Campaign "-15% to spell cooldown" skills are buffed to -20%.
    - Campaign movespeed is now different between all-cavalry and infantry armies.
    - Forced march nerfed to only +30% movespeed bonus.
    - Tireless march: Undead gain no benefit from forced march, but have a flat +20% speed bonus all the time.
    - Armies gain a +10% home territory movement bonus.

    I uploaded this to get rid of "this mod is out of date" message on my end - But if anyone else likes these changes, great!

    -Steam Link-

    I've finally manged to remove the annoying eye glow of undead!
    Due to the way VFX mods work, I cannot include this in the base mod, or any other "normal" Steam mod.
    Instead, the "movie-type" .pack file needs to be downloaded extra and placed in your Total War WARHAMMER\data folder.

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    Default Re: DrKing's Total Warhammer

    Updated the mod for the first patch.

    I have also reskinned the Blood Knights, because I found them comically shiny.

    Like my Grail Knights, they are also a buffed-up, 24-man (monster) unit.

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    Default Re: DrKing's Total Warhammer

    Thanks for the work.

    Could you please post a non-workshop link.

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    Default Re: DrKing's Total Warhammer

    how did you get skeletons out of sync?

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    Default Re: DrKing's Total Warhammer

    To get units out of sync/in sync, look at Land_Units table, last column "Sync Locomotion" (it is a true/false checkbox).

    I also managed to remove the annoying undead eye glow! Finally. It had to be a movie-type .pack file, which means it doesn't work through the Steam launcher. Link in the original post.

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    Default Re: DrKing's Total Warhammer

    Hi! your litte mod for remove the glowing eyes of the undead dont work any more... Maybe do to the new dlc, how can you make it work again ?

    Because it is the best thing i use.

    Thanks a lot for yours mods!

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