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Thread: Frustrations with missile troops

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    Default Frustrations with missile troops

    The "Tosa Shuffle" is back. I'm noticing that my handgunners and crossbowmen simply don't fire when they're put on fire at will. They'll start firing at one unit, but then that unit gets too close to the main line. You'd think the missile troops would shift aim once their line of fire is obstructed. But they don't. They sit there and ignore all targets, including those in full view. I told my handgunners to attack a specific unit, and then I saw them move forward an inch. THEN they started firing. They had a clear field of fire but absolutely refused to attack until I gave them a specific order.

    But the AI missile troops? Oh no, they kept shooting me up just fine. And it doesn't help that Greenskins spam cheap missile units like it's going out of style.

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    Default Re: Frustrations with missile troops

    I've experienced this as well. There is certainly some AI optimisations needed for ranged units.

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    Default Re: Frustrations with missile troops

    I always select the target of all my troops. I don't want them to fire on zombies if there is a dragon around. Anyway, you can select some units to be controlled by the AI and take the control back whenever you want, that should solve your auto-aiming problem.

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