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Thread: The Free-LC roadmap.

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    Default The Free-LC roadmap.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't want to discuss the DLC policy of CA. We have a sticky thread for that. Actually i have a simple question: Did they said anything about the timeframe they wanted to the release the free LC including the new faction? Something like that can be cool and it actually was for example in Witcher 3 were you had several weeks of surprise

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    The guys behind the witcher really seem like a decent bunch. I hope they never lose that practice of providing new content for free.

    I hate to use the term 'free-lc' because prior to things like Battlefield 2's booster packs, just about every game developer in existence provided extra content aswell as bug fixes after release. However now it is so rare, that we have a term for it >_>

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    Default Re: The Free-LC roadmap.

    The FLC term is just public relation *beep* to not have the now a days "negative" association from most DLCs. Does not change the fact that it is still DLC, only you do not have to pay for it

    Anyway, the upcoming DLC road has afaik no dates yet. But at least a certain order to expect
    First will be the Vampire Blood Dragons (had a leak on their wiki and know it will be them) which were promised with the roster news long time ago.
    I think we have to wait a few weeks for them, since bugfixing should be priority right now.

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    @Red Fox thats true, PR BS to deflect incoming negativity with DLC (we know we will get a dozen overpriced dlc packs) so FLC will act like a deflector "but we also gived free stuff so you shouldn't complain about our paid dlc"

    but i would rather use the term "free content update".....
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    Default Re: The Free-LC roadmap.

    There are some files in the data packs that suggest or hint factions such as Estalia or Marienburg could be a DLC. A total speculation so don't take it at all as worth.

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