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Thread: Any hints for playing Orks?

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    Default Any hints for playing Orks?

    Between obedience being a constant problem, requiring me to place my army in Black Craig or any other hovel I conquer, and running out of money, which requires me to leave said hovel and raid. How in the hell do you do well with Orks?

    I'm fine with the concept of Orks raiding, needing to always be attacking. That requires you to NOT sit in your settlements babysitting the obedience factor. How about an option to behead everyone that's being disobedient? Like cull 1% of my current population via the old Roman decimation method, ensuring obedience for 50 turns or something. So I have to build the Boss hut in all my settlements? That leaves me early game with no way to increase growth, no way to increase income(shiny chests or mines).

    Another question. How the hell do I have obedience problems in Black Craig with a full garrison? Clearly the new garrison concept is s complete failure because the garrison has ZERO effect on civil disobedience. I'd prefer it if I had to recruit my own garrison like in other TW games and have the size of the garrison effect civil order(or Da Boyz in this case).

    I'm playing on Hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucius Tiberius Vorenus View Post
    Between obedience being a constant problem, requiring me to place my army in Black Craig or any other hovel I conquer, and running out of money, which requires me to leave said hovel and raid. How in the hell do you do well with Orks?
    Never sit back and do nothing. Obedience is not a problem, Rebellions are your friend. Don't let the game trick you into believing you have to be at high happiness all the time. This is not like past TW titles where high happy gives massive bonus and low happy gives you penbalties. In fact its the other way around rebellions give free Money, Items, XP and Fightiness. Have Watchtowers and defensive upgrades in all settlements. And have many armies. Even early I have like 4-5 Bosses running around especially as you can confederate way earlywith the Orcs. Playing on Legendary.

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    With empire, what I did was expand slowly. I would never leave a settlement that I conquered before building level 2 base building and level 1 garrison building. This usually ensures you'll win any fight that comes from rebellions or enemy raiding.

    I'm not sure if orcs are a lot different, but what I do is always build the econ building and garison building in every settlement. Max economy, max safety.

    Maybe you should try focusing on taking every province in its entirety. Then you'll have enough space to add an obedience building, plus you could get an edict to help you out.

    Look, expecting to have enough armies to garrison, defend, and maintain obedience in all of your regions is completely impossible in this game. You should find other ways.

    Use the heroes that grant +5 obedience when deployed (whichever one that is)

    Also, you never need to garrison a settlement that has walls. Doesn't matter if there's rebellions, settlements with garrisons and walls will always beat rebellions even in autoresolve.

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    Default Re: Any hints for playing Orks?

    I've done three campaigns as the Greenskins on VH/VH so far.
    The first two I got rekt pretty badly and restarted, the one I'm on at the moment is going really well.
    Lessons I've learn so far are:
    Never confederate. It might seem like a good idea, but it just stretches you too thin and drags you into wars you don't want to be involved with.
    Try and conquer full regions. Sack and raze everything else.
    If you're getting enough income from sacking you can afford to be in the red and be losing money each turn, if it means you have more armies up and running.

    Destroy the Dwarfs of Thorgrim AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just zerg rush the capital once you have a full stack and a Waagh army. The Dwarfs are really annoying and destroyed me on my first playthrough by rushing me with 3 full stacks.
    Build public order and growth things in all settlements.
    Tier 3 upgrades of buildings are rarely worth it.
    Don't be afraid of revolts, so long as you have an army reasonably close by. If you have walls, the army will either siege you or raid the land around that city for ages. If you don't have walls, the army will attack you.
    Don't occupy too many settlements. I have three full regions at the moment and I'm sacking and razing everything else because public order is annoying.
    Don't stretch too far on one front. Try and defeat all the enemies in one direction and then straight away defeat enemies on another front. I let the Savage Orc tribes stay alive for ages, and they backstabbed me whilst I was fighting the Vampire Counts and are taking quite a few of my settlements, I should've destroyed them before I attacked the VC.

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