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    Ever since rome 2 we are denied the "kills" stat. It kinda sucks because after every battle I would like to know the number of enemies I killed, especially if we are talking about MP battles. Also if you play with 40 units you won't even have single unit kills stat. I think that is bad and CA should fix. It's not like it's that hard to add one more tab anyway.

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    What no one thinks this is a good idea?
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    Its been pointed to CA a number of times and they still ignore it. I and few others made threads about it on official forums before release and nothing, also pretty much all TW youtubers pointed it out and still nothing.
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    That kinda suck. They should pay more attention to our concerns. And yeah I saw Heir and Oakley being pissed off because of it.

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    Stripped feature that should have been left in the game.

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    I agree. Shame cause its 5 lines of code. I mean they show unit kills, simple calculation and then to show the total is super easy. Shame on you CA

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