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Thread: Inaccurate Artillery Mod (plus Trails removed)

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    Default Inaccurate Artillery Mod (plus Trails removed)

    This is my first TW mod, but I think it's quite alright.

    - All artillery and long ranged weaponry from Onagers to Scorpions is less accurate.
    - Increased calibration area by small margin.
    - Considerably buffed damage of all those units.

    Idea is that all this weaponry should be generally usefull in siege instead of infantry combat. With this mod and enough engines it is easier to completely level enemy city walls, gates and towers, and barge right through it with your army. You will not be able to quickly snipe enemy general and some other advanced troops with Scorpions (or similar engines) and then rape their army like you could in vanilla. Stone/Rock artillery is actually still unrealistically accurate, but at least not "laser guided" as in vanilla, so while advancing on enemy under heavy arty barrage you will suffer fewer losses and won't be able to completely demoralize AI army with explosive and flame ammo before they get to you. Basically all mechanics works the same way for you as it works for AI not giving either any edges... well, despite AI being brainless, but can't help it there really. I wasn't aiming for realism, because gameplay > everything else and rendering arty completely useless vs. infantry is bad idea IMO. I think it's much more fun with this mod, I mean, how many times you've been completely destroying city wall sections as viable tactical option?

    I have also added optional movie-format file that removes trails from Flamable and Explosive Rock/Stone ammo (from Onager, Ballista and etc) because it's way too ugly IMO and I wanted to get rid of it for the long time now. Flame Arrows, bolts, javelins and etc is untouched, so install it if you need, not mandatory for original mod to work and obviously done as separate file because someone might want trails to stay.

    - Drop files in your TW:Rome 2 installation folder>Data
    - Check in the Mod Manager Inaccurate_arty.pack file
    - No_arty_trails.pack is optional and movie-format, so no need checking

    - Just remove those files from Data folder

    Should be compatible with anything not messing with artillery tables. Manager should inform you if it does. And as a side note, No_arty_trails.pack is compatible with Radious Graphics Mod just in case you wonder. Works for latest TW Rome 2 version, guess there won't be any new updates anyway...

    This is first version, probably not ideal and need some more tweaking, and I intend to do that in the process, so you may leave feedback on how it works for you and what might be improved. Btw, still learning, so tips on how exactly to improve (db tables to tweak) would be most welcome.



    P.S. How do you guys edit your posts here?...
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    Default Re: Innacurate Artillery Mod (plus Trails removed)

    You need at least 25 posts

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    Default Re: Innacurate Artillery Mod (plus Trails removed)

    Quote Originally Posted by You_Guess_Who View Post
    You need at least 25 posts
    Oh, good to know, and I gotta thank you again, actually managed to put this mod together with your tips.

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    Default Re: Inaccurate Artillery Mod (plus Trails removed)

    I got attila 2 months ago and the artillery accuracy of the AI is insane.... They wipe out 60% of a unit troops in 2/3 shots..... If im being sieged by sea and they have 1 or 2 artillery ships, my army is totally decimated before their army even reaches me. I don't understand how other mods like radious haven't addressed this, or that there is more demand by players to have this element of the game given more attention via mods etc?

    I will download your mod when I get the opportunity and will give a review. THanks!

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