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    Well im aware of this theme was here many times, but is scatter in forum in many threads and mostly about just few ones. Unluckily im not one who can read from scripts and text files and so i will be happy if anyone eligible,educated in this matter would spend some letters here. I didnt put in guides bcoz it isnt advice from my side and more than it is discussion. Im interested in all traits, some were discussed before, like satisfaction of supervisor,bored trait,etc. But now im interrested of managment traits bcoz i thought those are most affected by selfish/unselfish trait and by development of city. but i noticed they gain bad economy traits even in pre-adult age when they should educate, without governance and with good traits mentioned in previous sentense. just one thing come to my mind is, that in those cities are have high taxes set, but it should have inpact just on governors becoming lazy,wealthy,bored and spoiled.also many others traits(now concrete in roma campaign) just pop up like popularis that i absolutely dont get how i affected.also would be nice know which ones can turn from negative to positive.

    also im interested how i can get censor office when consulship overcover that.
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