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Thread: Official Unit Gameplay Balance Thread

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    I would love to test the campaign with the kingdom of Jerusalem and how do you test it and please thank you in advance

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    1. The date of the mod version when released:

    2. The unit(s) that is to be changed, and it's faction(s)
    Balestrieri Provisionati (Late) - For Genoa specifically.

    3. What is the proposed change to the unit(s)?
    More rate of fire.

    4. Explain why the change of the unit will benefit and improve gameplay.
    I think the native Genoese crossbowmen should be on par with the Mercenary Genoese Crossbowmen variety or even better, for the simply reason that the mercenaries skill, comes from the training they received in Genoa.
    The gameplay will be improved in my opinion, because I enjoy when factions have unique strengths, especially if they are historically reinforced.

    5. Describe the situation. Describe the environment settings if possible. How can somebody else besides you recreate the scenario that resulted in your appeal to change the unit(s)?
    I simply looked at the stats for the Mercenary Genoese Crossbowmen and wondered why they were any different than the crossbowmen specifically employed by the Genoese Army, besides having better morale.

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