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Thread: RSIII Open Beta Released!

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    Default RSIII Open Beta Released!

    RSIII is being released as an 'open-beta'. So bear in mind that all of you are 'testers'.

    Just some notable things about RSIII everyone should know. This patch is really not a lot different from RS2.6 in terms of how the game will play, units will fight, etc. Stats have been tweaked a little, as well as unit prices and economics in general. But by and large, that aspect of the game has changed very little.

    Significant changes that might cause some discussion were made to all siege and mechanical weapons, however. The number of 'machines' in a unit has been changed in all of them....the only one having more than one piece of equipment is the large Lithobolos....and that's only because the game required the unit to have two. The reason for this change, if you've not seen my explanation elsewhere, was to eliminate the buggy behavior of these units because of the way they are 'strung' together as a unit. They were constantly getting stuck on 'things' on the battlefield, or even more annoying, on themselves or other like units. Getting rid of the other pieces of equipment, and upping the ammo and men controlling them, has solved this problem, as well as still keeping them effective. They also move far better on the battlefield when they need to move a long way to a spot where they can deploy.

    The other significant change is to general units. All of them now have the same number of units as a 'regular' cavalry unit would have. This was to encourage the AI to recruit them, and since all generals are effected, the impact on battles is negligible.

    The full list of changes is as follows:

    -1. Allowed macedon to recruit "greek prodromoi cavalry" in area 9.
    -2. Redid all settlements, including 25 or so custom settlements. Incredible thanks to 'Jarlaxe' of HCS for allowing RS3 to use his new Greek buildings. Did a full analysis of all buildings used in RTW, removing useless ones and re-texturing where neccessary any of those that were kept. Every single city\settlement inspected, corrected or completely redone. I will admit beforehand that there are some weird AI behaviors due to pathfinding (or the lack thereof) in a few cases. I did the best I could to correct what I could. The rest is just good old RTW doing its weird stuff.
    -3. Changed 'Imperium' trait so that a character will not get loyalty negatives when he's in enemy lands.
    -4. Fixed hoplites so that they line up properly.
    -5. Implemented some new weapons for missile units, done by 'ThatOldSchoolEmoDude'.
    -6. Fixed Pontis campaign so that 'Pontus' comes up playable, not the Belgae.
    -7. A number of fixes in the Galatian campaign to correct bugs and mistakes.
    -8. Fixed incorrect text for Temple of Zeus wonder and Gardens of Babylon wonder.
    -9. Fixed errors in Play_One_Turn campaign where cultural buildings were missing from some Greek cities.
    -10. Only Romans can build Imperial Palace in the Roman campaigns.
    -11. Fixed Roman banners showing up on some Carthage units.
    -12. Removed Greek Flutest officers showing up on a number of Iberian units.
    -13. Removed large and epic stone walls. They don't look good with the new cities, and the Epic walls were buggy anyway.
    -14. Changed\added more music to all campaigns (thanks to 0AD team for some of their music, and to BrunuhVille for a couple of his works), and to 'ThatOldSchoolEmoDude'..for putting it together.
    0AD music used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) 3.0 license
    -15. Removed requirement for Roman characters to be in a settlement to be elected Senator.
    -16. Fixed 'rainbow' colored tree by replacing it.
    -17. Replaced Spartan levy pikeman texture and cards with Macedonian ones, per SwHunter's request.
    -18. Removed all of Italy from the Roman rebellion scenario.
    -19. Lowered income in one-turn campaigns by 25% due to many complaints that there was too much money.
    -20. Added new loading screens and new UI elements made by 'Quintillius'.
    -21. In order to work around Windows10 issues, I've included a 'preferrences' folder and file in all campaigns.
    -22. Added trait that will prevent general's wives from having children while they are away in enemy lands.
    -23. Created alternate EDCT.txt which prevents the second rebellion from happening at all.
    -24. Changed Carthaginian Strat city models...thanks to 'Jarlaxe' again.
    -25. Replaced some resource icons on Strat with ones from EB...thanks for permission to use them.
    -26. Replaced and\or optimized a load of terrain textures, and the Geography database..thanks to 'ThatOldSchoolEmoDude'.
    -27. Regenerated vegetation to add\replace a few trees, and to fix a couple of wrong sized sprites that caused trees to disappear.
    -28. Made minor changes to all stats for missile units...tweaked a little bit more lethal.
    -29. Increased General unit size to that of normal cavalry....the AI now recruits them sometimes.
    -30. Reduced the number of pieces of equipment in siege weapons and ballistas to prevent units from getting stuck on each other and on objects because of the 'string issue'. They now move better....also increased ammo to replace the units removed, and increased the men that arm the units to increase the likelihood that the AI will recruit them.
    -31. Down-sized almost all textures over 512x512 to increase performance....the difference is noticeable on both the Strat and the battlefield.
    -32. Added a whole slew of landscape models and textures made by 'ThatOldSchoolEmoDude' that use textures more specific to the climates they are in.
    -33. Fixed issue with white cards in Custom Battles 'again'.
    -34. Reworked the Steam version of RomeTotalWar Alexander so that it will work with RSIII.
    -35. Made new splash and backdrop screens for many factions to individualize them a little more.
    -36 Added a 'Play_Athens' campaign which can be found in the 'Battles and Multiplayer' section of the Launcher. It is largely untested, however.
    -37. Unique cities in RSIII (in some way or in all ways) are as follows:

    Gergovia (used as Celtic capital cities)

    There are numerous other variations, including Greek Hilltop cities, Greek Eastern Cities, Dacian\Scythian cities (also used in other Barbarian settlements for variety), new Eastern cities, and Egyptian ones. All Nomad settlements are more 'tent cities' up to and above city level. Germanic settlements are also 'subtly different' from other Barb cities. Roman settlements include a redone 'Pure' Roman looking settlement, and a Romano-Barbarian mix that grows into a completely new Roman large\huge city.

    Some notes about the cities and buildings. The old 'slot' system in RTW, where you build a building on the Strat map and it appears in the settlement, is gone. So all Strat buildings are simply 'virtual buildings'. Some cities may have a barracks, or a cavalry barracks, or'll take a bit of getting used to seeing settlements that aren't the typical RTW 'fare'. Settlements were constructed based on space and what looked good, as well as many historical considerations. Most cities will not get any bigger than the old RTW 'city' model...very few use the 'large-city' model, and just a handful use the huge city. The reasons for this are because almost all of the old 'tenament' buildings for cultures other than the Romans are gone. These buildings took up an enormous amount of space, and necessitiated the use of large and huge city models to fit everything into them. However, Jarlaxe's buildings are smaller, and they are packed together tighter...which means the city models can be smaller. The result is better performance, even though the cities are jam-packed with stuff, and the in-city battles will be much 'quicker' because the pathfinding is better in the smaller models.

    Buildings such as Imperial Palaces, Executioner's Squares, Royal this and that...are gone. You'll also see few archery ranges or Siege buildings. They were too big, and for the most part, poorly done. Even re-texturing couldn't fix how bad some of them were.

    Which leads to another question I know people will ask: "How did you build this building or that one?" Well, Jarlaxe's buildings are pretty straightforward...he made them, and they're beautiful. I can't thank him enough for letting us use them for RSIII. Other buildings, however, are either new ones by Pacco (Roman only), or the old RTW buildings redone, re-built, re-tasked. I put buildings on top of others, beside them, under them or just plain inside them. The thousands of hours I spent making this was largely spent placing things in, under, around, inside or on top of other things to 'construct' something that looked like a whole new building. So bear in mind...if you have a critical eye, that this isn't 'perfect'..rather, it is meant to give the 'impression' of what it is intended to look like. The Carthaginian military harbor, for example, gives a really nice impression of what the harbor looked like, and yet the round building is made of scores of 'bridge' sections, re-textured and placed one by one in a circular pattern so that they create a round building with an opening for the ships to enter...which is flanked on both sides by two old RTW Roman tenament buildings re-textured and stacked one on the other.

    Here are links to the RS2.5 Installer, that needs to be installed first:!TJZQjKKa!gdV7aZ...H9lBe9tB4-1Slg (use this one if the bandwidth is spent on the first one)[/SIZE]

    And here is the link to the RSIII upgrade:!7VdFjCZT!KrWoUerZA...bV1g0aDPtmk5hA

    Because of some issues with some 'odd' behavior or corruption with previous RS2.6 installs, resulting in some different versions that didn't work right with this upgrade, I am strongly recommending the following procedure to install this:

    1. Create a new, clean install of RTW (with or without BI) that is, of course, patched to RTW version 1.5/1.6.
    2. Install RS2.5 with the full install version that Paedric made. Do NOT install patch 2.6. RSIII includes all the changes that were made in that patch.
    3. Install RSIII using the installer I've is a simple 'point and click' installer...just point it to wherever you installed RS2.5.
    4. Be sure and check the Launcher shortcut that the RS2.5 installer created to ensure that the 'Start in' path is correct (sometimes it will point to \UI\wonders...which is wrong).
    Point to (Your RS install folder)\Launcher.

    If you play the game with the RTW or BI exe, the default 'descr_formation_ai' file will be fine. If you use Alexander, you'll have to look in the '_Important_stuff' folder and copy an Alexander version of descr_formations_ai.txt into the data folder.


    RSIII will NOT work at all with the Steam versions of RTW or BI. I've tried every concievable solution, and none work. So, if you must play RSIII in Steam, you will need a copy of the RTW Alexander expansion. Recommended installation:

    Copy the contents of the Rome Total War Alexander folder to another folder, ie., C:\games\RSIII ... or something like that.
    Rename the 'Alexander' folder 'No_Alexander' or something similiar if you want to play Custom Battles.
    Then install RS2.5 and RSIII into this folder.
    Use the Launcher to play.


    Be sure and open preferrences.txt in whatever campaign you play and set the screen resolution of RTW (both strat and battle) to whatever the default resolution is of Windows 10. The game will crash if you don't.

    Last comment, if you find you don't like the newer stats in RSIII, the complete set of RS2.6 stats are available in the _Important_Stuff folder.

    I'd also appreciate it if others could upload these files to other download sites you know of, and I will post them in here as alternates.
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    Default Re: RSIII Open Beta Released!

    Reserved for updates, patches of Free DLC's.
    1. Here is a small patch to correct a few issues with RSIII that may be game breaking (RSIII_Patch3.1):!WQE2WK7L!4lNfydq3y...r3JriHSnFPidtQ

    Just extract the contents of the file into your RSIII directory and overwrite if it asks.
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    Default Re: RSIII Open Beta Released!

    Please note patch 3.1 above.

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    Default Re: RSIII Open Beta Released!

    Thank you Dvk -
    This is going to be EPIC.
    I hope people are able to play this with Windows 10.....
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    Default Re: RSIII Open Beta Released!

    It's with great pleasure that the Modding Awards Committee informs you that this mod has been awarded in the recent 2016 Modding Awards, as seen here! Please feel free to stop by and check the list of all the winners.

    Also, don't forget to check
    here for more details about how to promote the victory of your mod.

    If any question about please feel free to use the
    Discussion thread.

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