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Thread: MOS, the ultimate TATW experience.

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    Default MOS, the ultimate TATW experience.


    Dear people of the community, we, former and current MOS members, have created a huge submod for your entertainment.
    This mod might have started out as a compilation of many smaller mods, but currently houses much unique content as well.
    MOS aims to be as lore accurate as possible while giving the best game-play experience ever seen in the world of TATW.

    - 2 New factions (Dunland and Lorien)
    - Additonal custom settlements
    - Additional units
    - Additional heroes
    - Additional unique buildings
    - New 2D artwork
    - New ancillaries and traits
    - New in-game movies
    - Game experience enhancing scripts
    - Role play scripts
    - Unique AOR system for Gondor's fiefdoms
    - As lore accurate and gameplay friendly as possible
    - RealRecruitment/RealCombat system implemented
    - Optional superweapons such as flamethrowers and grenade throwers
    - Heroes in custom battles

    This is the fourth MOS thread, our first thread reached 11.655 posts and over 662.902 visits.
    Our second thread has 7.457 posts and 629.623 visits before closing.
    Regretfully the first thread had to be deleted so that speed is maintained on the forum.
    Our second THREAD was closed because of a technical problem.
    It can still be viewed though and since it was closed the number of views has risen to just shy of 1,4 million.
    Our third THREAD reached 7,727 posts and 870,084 views when it was closed (1,2 million 2018/03/17)

    Winner of the 2012 Modding awards category: Favorite submod or

    Second of the 2013 Modding awards category: Most Popular Mod and Sub-Mod

    Support us also at MOD DB


    Latest content

    Click through installer by Gigantus, July 2020
    See second post for the MOS 1.7 Downloads section

    Version 1.7 (2015)

    Preview MOS 1.7


    General Portraits:

    New feature for the Orc factions:
    The feature is supposed to further improve immersion when playing the Orcs.
    Many players like the good guys because they can relate better.
    Therefore work mostly focuses on the good guys, look at the number of Gondor and elf unit mods.
    Over time MOS is going to give you guys new reasons to be evil.

    One mod to join them all!!

    Included submods, scripts and other stuff
    High Quality Sky Texture Project by Hereje
    Various Unit Cards by Maltacus
    Heirs of Isildur by Smoesville
    Heroes 2.0 by Louis Lux
    Animation Submod by Warman22
    Interactive Gameplay Mod by Germanicu5
    New music by Scout of Imladris
    Heroes avoid bad traits by Caralampio
    Sauron & The One Ring by Baron Samedi
    Start with Arnor script by Baron Samedi
    Faction symbols by Small Projects Mods
    Free Ancillary Resource by Small Projects Mods
    Event Video Mod by Small Projects Mods
    Immortal Nazgul by Kai
    Counter Invasions by Baron Samedi
    The Elves Departure by Hero of the West & Baron Samedi
    Immortal Heroes by Baron Samedi
    Real Alliances by TNZ
    AUM by Agostinos
    The Beacons of Gondor by Baron Samedi
    The Reforging Concept Of Elvish Factions by Aikanar and Louis Lux
    Faction heir Script by Small Projects Mods
    Loading Screen and menu by Cedric37
    Water 2.0 by Davide Cool
    RR/RC by Point Blank
    Arnor Reemergence mod by Zack Fair
    Fred the Taxmen script by Fred Putz & Mank
    Spawning Additional Units Submod 1.4.2 by Withwnar
    Strong Mordor script by Fred Putz
    Orcnose script by Fred Putz
    Unique Buildings 2.0 by Axsnan
    New rebel units by Alleycat and MOS
    Dunland rises script by MOS
    Voice pack by kaiser1993
    Legio Submod by Hero of the West
    MOS EP by Minas Moth
    Quotes submod 2.5.3 by Ngugi
    Event Pictures submod by Ngugi
    Total Diplomacy 1.8.3 by Withwnar
    Message Icons by El Cid
    Rhun Clansman Visual Upgrade by Yarrum
    Dunedain Beastslayers by Louis Lux
    Parts of FROME by Koultouras
    RPG missions by MOS
    Parts of OOG mod by the Gunbang team
    AUI gold edition by Cedric37
    Custom Battle Generals by HOTW
    Campaign AI by Alreadyded
    Total Effects Point Info v1.1 by Withwnar
    DCI: Tôl Acharn by DCI team
    ICS by Maestro Ugo
    CRS by Maestro Ugo
    Gondor Units by Taro M.
    Additional Mercenary Mini-Mod (AMM) by Ngugi
    ReallyBadAI 5.7 by Germanicu5
    BAI Switcher 5.7 by Germanicu5
    Parts of the Return of the King (RotK) mod by Kiliç Alì
    3 tier road system by mike golf
    Diplomacy and Invasion by Proximusj
    New Rhudaur unit cards by Ministry
    New custom Settlements by leo.civil.uefs
    Improved Barrow-Downs mod v2.1 by Mank
    New unit cards project by Nergor
    Mordor's Call script by Jox25
    New map of Middle-earth by FireFreak111
    Improved settlement upgrade cards by Fozzie
    dIRECT0R's Cut by dIRECTOR
    Bree custom settlement by Mr.J., Arkay and Devils Advocate
    B.U.S. by T&D,Araval, Jox25, Lu Bu, Louis Lux, Madril, Arachir Galudirithon
    Unite the Clans by Spicemaster
    Wolf unit by Paradamed
    View settlement mod
    by Alpaca & adapted by HotW

    Endless other new content, small improvements, tweaks and bugfixes

    Changelog for the MOS 1.70 all inclusive patch, integrated in the latest download files

    - A fix for the units getting stuck at the river crossing near Micelhold. Also a fort has been removed just to the North of Micelhold. Fix provided by

    - A fix for a battle map problem when an army is positioned on the bridge North of Woldberg, next to the fort. Fix provided by twmatador

    - Inclusion of the latest Gondor settlements by leo.civil.uefs.

    Update provided by Greymane
    - A fix for the Silver Surfer appearance of the Dead of the Marshes unit. Fix provided by Greymane

    - Fixed the Dwarven Halberdmen animation bug that would lead to a CTD in battles in which this unit is present

    If there are any crashes after installing this patch (which were not there before) the first thing to do is to run the Cleaner.bat file.

    If you should encounter a unit getting stuck during the end turn sequence at another place than near Micelhold, this video might help you out:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    If you are having problems with the Music.dat or music files, you can try to solve them by downloading one of these files and replace the music.dat file or the complete sounds folders with them:

    fix for music and sounds issues in 1.7 MOS ( if you experience issues, complete "sounds" folder)

    music.dat file for 1.7 MOS( if you experience issues)

    Want some more content for MOS 1.7, or make a few changes ?

    Recommended submods and patches for MOS 1.7

    The silver to gold and vice versa armour patches for High and Lorién Elves

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Silver to golden armour for High and Lórien Elves

    Silver to Golden armour for High Elves

    Silver to Golden armour for Lórien Elves

    Golden to (original) Silver armour for High and Lórien Elves.

    Mod DB file contains all patches in 1 download

    Install by extracting the rar files into your "Third_Age_3" folder, or the folder you have renamed it to (Steam, e.g. "americas"). When asked to overwrite or replace files, do so.

    Patches made by dIRECT0R and Veteraan
    The Enhanced MOS v1.70 Sub-MODS by rafmc1989

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Enhanced MOS v1.70 Sub-Mod

    ALTERNATIVE VERSION of Enhanced MOS v1.7

    These mods are not made by the MOS team and are not supported by them.
    MOS 1.7-The Hobbit Dwarf Units PATCH by King Brian

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    MOS 1.7 Hobbit Dwarf Units PATCH TWC page

    Download link for this mod on the MOS Mod DB page

    This mod is not made by the MOS team and is not supported by them.
    Gondor "Marka" barded horses submod for MOS 1.7 by Roma_Victrix

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Gondor "Marka"barded horses submod for MOS 1.7 TWC page

    Download link for this mod on the MOS Mod DB page

    This mod is not made by the MOS team and is not supported by them.
    Old Units Added Back to MOS 1.7 [OUAB] version 1.1 RELEASED by atthias

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    This mod does the following:
    It makes Gondor Citadel Guard Archers, Gondor Winged Swordsmen and Gondor Dismounted Bodyguards recruitable in the campaign again.
    To do this the max level of the archery range/barracks needs to be built first.

    For more info and the download link see:

    Old Units Added Back to MOS 1.7 [OUAB]
    TWC page

    This mod is not made by the MOS team and is not supported by them.

    For those who still want to play version 1.62
    (For 1.7 download files, see second post!)

    MOS 1.6.2 Information & Download links

    MOS v1.6.2.exe Media Fire
    MOS v1.6.2-1.a Media Fire
    MOS v1.6.2-1.b Media Fire

    MOS v1.6.2.rar Mega

    MOS v1.6.2-1a.rar Mega

    MOS v1.6.2-1b.rar Mega

    Links for the bugfixer files. This is a one file download that allows you to install
    all 3 bugfixer files in one go. Installer provided by Mike Golf

    MediaFire link for MOS bugfixer package (3 in 1 installer)

    MOS 1.6.2 is a full install and for those who use a non Steam version it should be installed as follows:

    1. Download the exe and the two bin files to your desktop or other known location on your system.
    2. Run the EXE file (MOS v1.6.2.exe) You do not have to perform any actions on the other two files.
    3. Follow the prompts provided in the installer

    Make sure that you install MOS 1.62 in the SEGA folder

    (as shown in the default path). If you renamed the SEGA folder then use the one you renamed it to. MOS 1.62 must not be installed in the Third_Age_3 folder, nor in the Medieval II Total War folder.
    4. Install the three Bug Fixer files. The easiest method is to use the "All In One installer" created by Mike Golf (See the "DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR MOS 1.62 FILES" section)
    If you want to install the files separately and don't know how to do that, look
    for instructions.
    5. Finally be sure to run the "Cleaner.bat" file located in your installation folder before attempting to run the mod.
    6. Optional: Download the shortcut file if MOS has not been previously installed or if you wish to use the latest shortcut.
    If MOS is not installed in the default file folder you will have to edit the shortcut and the Third_Age_3 bat files as well as the TATW.cfg file to show the correct path.

    Those who use a Steam version and those for whom the above instructions didn't result in a successful install, should consult the guide provided by Elvenkind.
    It has instructions for installing MOS 1.62 for Steam as well as non Steam users.

    Just remember to finish with installing the bugfixer files and running the "Cleaner.bat" one more time

    Submods and patches for MOS 1.62

    dIRECTOR's Cut for MOS 1.6.2 by dIRECTOR*

    The Reunited Kingdom for MOS 1.62 by Mr.J and Mike Golf*

    The Enhanced Ancillary UIs submod by Mike golf

    * These two mods are not compatible, they must not be installed both at the same time.

    For those people who would rather see the High and Lórien elves elite units with "Golden armour" instead of the Silver armour that is the standard in MOS 1.62, the following patches are available:

    Silver to golden armour for High and Lórien Elves

    Silver to Golden armour for High Elves

    Silver to Golden armour for Lórien Elves

    Golden to (original) Silver armour for High and Lórien Elves.

    Install by extracting the rar files into your "Third_Age_3" folder, or the folder you have renamed it to (Steam, e.g. "americas"). When asked to overwrite or replace files, do so.

    Patches made by dIRECT0R and Veteraan

    Battle crashes in MOS

    For battle crashes in MOS, you can try this:

    1. Disable daylight saving settings, if you have Windows 7, 8 or Vista, go to Control Panel, Clock, Date and Time, Change the settings for date and time, Change time zone, uncheck "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Savings time".

    If you have Windows XP, simply double click the “clock” time display in the lower right of the windows task bar. In the “Date and Time Properties” dialog box click on the “Time Zone” tab. Below the map uncheck the box labeled “Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time.”

    Before playing:

    - It is recommended to use the cleaner.bat before playing.
    - If you want custom battle heroes, you should use the CG-launcher to make this available or to turn it off.
    - If you want to use the "Arnor from the start" function for Eriador properly, use the FAR launcher.


    and we present Trailhog250's guide for increasing performance




    Changelog for v1.7
    Released: 2015-April-26th

    - Alpaca's settlementviewer has been added
    - The splash screen has been changed to the original MOS 6.2 splash screen with 1.7 numbering(visual upgrade)
    - The menu has been reverted back to the original MOS 6.2 menu (visual upgrade)
    - The faction symbols have been reverted to the original MOS 6.2 faction symbols (visual upgrade)
    - New Aragorn, Thranduil, Elrond, Celeborn, Dain, Harad leader artwork for the menuscreen
    - Version 2.6 from Ngugi's Quotes
    - New in game portraits for various heroes
    - Fixed multiple grammar mistakes throughout the game
    - The diplomat for the dwarves, actually looks like a dwarf right now (dwarf captain) instead of medieval 2 diplomat
    - Added new ancillaries
    - Added an ancillary reward system for evil taking certain good settlements
    - Added an ancillary reward system for good guys defending important cities outnumbered
    - Theoden is King, Thengel is dead
    - Gothmog added
    - Grishnakh added
    - New artwork for various ancillaries
    - New artwork for various unit cards
    - Fixed all the building pictures for Rohan
    - Included parts of Director's Cut
    - A number of new in game general portraits
    - Parts of the Unofficial 4.4 patch by Leo (Unique settlements)
    - Unite the Clans added and revised
    - Paradamed's The Wolf
    - Invisible creatures on stratmap instead of rebel generals
    - Various bug fixes
    - Added some new Mordor units from B.U.S.

    Changelog for v1.6.2
    - Fixed Rohan music not playing
    - Added new unit for Mordor (Guldur Slayers) by lordargento, Nergor and Taro_M
    - Fixed missing or incorrect voices for Gondor Guardsmen, Gondorian Volunteers, Lossarnach Volunteers, Riders of Lossarnach, Dale Rivermen, Dale Woodsmen, Riddermark Skirmishers (Mercs)
    - Fixed missing voices for Rohan Volunteers, Éored Horsearchers (Mercs), Riddermark Skirmishers and Blackroot Vale Volunteers
    - Fixed Fangorn (Treebeard's Hill) autonomy; Ents will now be able to be received if autonomy is granted
    - The Elven Range Forge can now be constructed when playing as the FPoE.
    - SAUS units (Glittering Caves) now work correctly for Rohan
    - Fixed rally unit icon for Rohan general ability (does not show an orc blowing the horn)
    - Fixed campaign ending bug which occurred when the Allied Aid script referenced a renamed settlement in the new map
    - Fixed crash when playing as Rohan and attempting to give (not gifting) a region as part of the offer to FPoE in diplomatic scroll.
    - Road tool tips now match the level of roads constructed in the province.
    - Duneard will now spawn a garrison script, if activated, when controlled by Dunland
    - Message appearing when Rohan accepts Tol Archon (DCI) corrected
    - Added starting garrison for Gelebrin
    - Changed name of E. Osgiliath to East Osgiliath and W. Osgiliath to West Osgiliath
    - Fixed many historical event messages not displaying
    - Fixed One Ring script; messages should be displayed correctly and the settlement containing the ring identified
    - Improved animations and formations for halberd and pike units by Principe Alessandro
    - New unit textures, armor upgrades, and strat map colors for Elves; new unit textures and armor upgrades for Gondor; faction names and ship models by dIRECT0R
    - Corrected settlement names for upgrade locations in the SAUS mod for the Dwarves (House of Thorin building)
    - Edited description for Cirith Ungol in the regions reached video
    - Fixed Isengard generals being named EMT_FRANCE_NAMED_CHARACTER_1
    - Prevented the settlement of Archet from constructing the Prancing Pony building
    - When hovered over using the mouse pointer an Arnor assassin is no longer labeled as a Spy
    - Fixed settlements of Caras Celainrnen, North Tharbad and Burg Sagath not being able to be upgraded
    - Improved Campaign AI
    - Fixed Ally Invade code and AI entries for the Total Diplomacy mod
    - New custom portrait for Glorfindel by Gorthaur the Cruel
    - All custom settlements prevented from being upgraded and losing their custom settlement attributes
    - Allied Aid script corrected for missing events and wrong settlement names
    - Fixed Glorfindel given incorrect strat map model after respawning when using the Immortal Heroes Script
    - Fixed the Witch King and Sauron being given new strat models after holding settlements
    - Exchanged starting locations and fiefdoms for some High Elf leaders
    - Fixed Mirror of Galderial event message stating that the mirror belonged to the Silvan elves
    - Fixed Legolas obtaining incorrect strat map model
    - Rewrote Proximus' Diplomacy & Invasions mod to allow generals to be spawned with the armies
    - Mirror of Galadrial now shows all tiles correctly
    - One starting general for the High Elves and the Woodland Realm renamed (new names Erestor and Galion)
    - Faction selection screen now shows the correct faction unit name and image for the elven factions
    - Dunland capital of Dun Larach added to Garrison script; it now matches 'green book' description
    - Building Bair Eryn Lasgalen and the upgrades corrected for the Woodland Realm and Lothlorien factions
    - Rewrote Corsair Invasion script to allow for multiple invasions of same settlement during the campaign and corrected placement of armies based on new map
    - Renamed one of the two Great Gates buildings in Minas Tirith to its correct name 'The Othram'
    - New stack spam reduction coding added
    - Added grape shot capability to Dwarf, Gondor and Arnor catapults; thanks to leo.civil.uefs for the idea and code examples
    - Imrahil given a hero ability and rallying of troops enabled
    - Ancillaries and triggers added to Improved Barrow Downs mod
    - Added AI Dwarven settlement conquerors to capture settlement of Withibord to prevent the AI elves from taking it first
    - Updated DaC map to version 1.5.1 by FireFreak111 (Dwarven settlements can now build mines)
    - Updated Unofficial Patch custom settlements to verions 3.0 by leo.civil.uefs
    - Added population growth bonus for human player for Annúminas settlement
    - Amon Sul now has a culture bonus for the FPoE and Arnor
    - Added Bucklebury settlement to Shire autonomy script
    - Increased number of elves in the Elven Rangers SAUS unit
    - Adjusted armour values for some Rhudaur units
    - Fixed King of the Dead spawning as a general with no name and not being able to receive required ancillary to despawn
    - Army of the Dead now despawns after 4 victories instead of 6.
    - Updated Custom battles mini-mod (CG-Launcher.bat); custom generals can now be used in custom battles
    - Smials building provides a 2% Culture Increase bonus for FPoE and Arnor
    - Improved ancillaries and character trait descriptions by MIKE GOLF

    Changelog for v1.6.1
    - Corrected some missing/not working hero abilities
    - Added Rhudaur Axemen back to the mercenary pool
    - Edited information regarding terrain and special units located in the province information card for various settlements (green book)
    - Fixed voices not working correctly
    - Fixed CG launcher and files, should be able to play custom battles with generals
    - Fixed Lorien bodyguards 'flickering' on the battlemap when it is zoomed out.
    - Fixed Optional Garrison Script (if declined, units will not be spawned)
    - Added new unit for Silvan Elves (Mirkwood Forest Warden)
    - Fixed Elven leaders name error
    - Gondor Guardsmen added as AOR mercenaries by lordargento
    - Some unit rebalancing (especially javelin units)
    - Silvan elves given correct faction leader picture in faction selection screen
    - Revised textures for some Elven units
    - Modified regions to give Dunland improved population growth
    - Revised recruitment rate for Dunland units to reflect more accurately predominate terrain preference
    - Prevented Fennas Drunin and Amon Sul from being upgraded and losing their custom start map model
    - Cultural (Religion) bonus added to Motte & Bailey building for Elves only to compensate for the inablilty of this culture to upgrade castles
    - Moved Dale army spawn closer to Erebor for Beacons of Gondor script
    - Fixed two Mallorns buildings in each Lorien starting settlement
    - Fixed ancillary description for the Marchwarden of the Anduin Vale for the Silvan Elves
    - Rebel spider armies given spider portraits for their leaders
    - Fixed some villages that should be able to be upgraded not being able to upgrade (Dunharrow, Fangorn and Amon Sûl cannot be upgraded)
    - New version of Mordor's Call by Jox25 (
    ) [units based on difficulty level of campaign, Harad and Rhun generals added]
    - New unit for Mordor; Minas Morgul Guardians; by lordargento, Nergor and Taro_M
    - Fixed Legion Names for Mordor and Isengard units
    - Fixed AUI for Rohan

    Changelog for v1.60:
    - New DaC map by Firefreak111
    - Parts of the Unofficial patch v3.3 for TATW (including new custom settlement) by leo.civil.uefs
    - Resurrect factions script fixed
    - All units spawned in Diplomacy & Invasion script should now have free upkeep.
    - Added new unit for Lorien Elves (Galadhrim Lancers); replaced Silvan Horsearchers
    - Added new unit for Dunland (Enedwaith Stalkers)
    - Increased law bonus for the AI in their major settlements (hoping to reduce rebellion in key settlements)
    - Modified Carl the Taxman Money Script by Mank
    - Improved settlement upgrade cards by Fozzie
    - Fixed Aragorn's RPG (army of the dead not despawning)

    ChangeLog for v1.5:
    - Modified Arnor cavalry stats for play balance
    - Uruk Hai Bomb, Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower units can no longer be recruited, only retrained and not able to be received as rewards for missions
    - Ikoner studio and Master ikoner studio buildings for the High Elves now add to poplulation for human players instead of just for the AI.
    - Silver surfer bug for upgraded Dismounted Eored Lancers Mercs fixed
    - Updated the quotes files to v2.5.31 Tolkien Quotes Submod by Ngugi (
    - Dale Rivermen, Dunland Huntsmen and Dunland Slayers (javelin units) are now recruited in Barracks buildings and Dale Woodsmen (archers) in Missile buildings.
    - Updated DCI to 1.2.3 to include the Rohan religion fix, omitted law bonuses and improved mission message; correction to Dwarven/Dunland trigger by Ngugi (
    - Lower Tier Dunland javelin units changed from AP to area attribute
    - Added Dunlending Axemen and Dunlendings Mercs unit cards and info cards for slave faction
    - New Rhudaur unit cards by Ministry (
    - Elven ships will no longer be rewarded for completing missions
    - Additional fiefdoms by MIKE GOLF
    - Improved various unit cards by MIKE GOLF
    - Fix rivendell spearmen (Noldor Guardians) so recruitment is possible in Rivendell
    - Enhanced Aragron RPG featuring the Army of the Dead by HotW
    - Gandalf now has the same hero ability as possesed at game start when using Immortal Heroes
    - Upgraded Total Diplomacy to v 1.8.3 (
    - Fixed missing voices for units (WIP) by Eodez
    - Gondor mines now have correct names
    - Mordor army in the Eastern Shadow script is now led by a named general with bodyguards.
    - Diplomacy & Invasions mod by proximusj (
    - Removed Boromir Battle Armour script
    - More unit cards from Various Unit Cards Minimod by Maltacus (
    - Carrock fixed
    - Removed G5 Centralised Administration Mod
    - Removed G5 Trial and Regency Mod v1.2
    - Flag officer removed from bandits unit; Eriador captain replaced by slave captain.
    - If controlled by the AI; Saruman, Denethor and Elrond will remain in their starting settlements.
    - Optional script decision scrolls (at start of campaign) now contain more information describing the features and functions of the script.
    - Factions will no longer automatically horde if destroyed.
    - Corsair Invasions are now optional, available to all factions and occur more frequently.
    - South Tharbad given a small starting garrison
    - Thranduil and Legolas (Silvan Elves) were given hero abilities
    - Latest version of units by Taro_M
    - Unit rebalancing by Trailhog250
    - New settlements v2.0 by leo.civil.uefs (!)
    - Heroes respawned in the Immortal Heroes script (except Aragorn) now regain their unique starting ancillaries if the ancillaries are available.
    - Arnor can now correctly construct military academy buildings
    - Lorien Invasion armies in the Counter Invasion script now use Lorien units instead of Silvan units.
    - Fixed Counter Invasions and Beacons of Gondor armies not being spawned
    - Corrected some grammer and spelling errors in historic_events.txt file
    - Improved Barrow-Downs mod v2.1 by Mank (
    - Parts of dIRECTOR's Cut mod (
    - Parts of Reworked ancillaries and traits (thanks to DrBeast and Chainsaw Schmalz)
    - New strat map models for Elrond, Lurtz and Eomer.
    - Eomer, Balin and Lurtz added to Immortal Heroes script
    - Fixed assassins successful sabotage error
    - Revised special abilities for heroes
    - Created new 'book building' for settlement of Erelond containing more accurate description of settlement features
    - Increased time Ents gained from autonomy remain in play before being removed
    - Additional character names (thanks to Ministry)
    - New unit cards project by Nergor (
    - Mordor's Call script by Jox25 (
    - Spider unit leaders given a spider portrait

    Changelist for v1.4.1:
    - Fixed: Incorrect faction icon appearing in the lower right corner, near production and recruitment buttons, when Arnor is reformed.
    - Fixed: Incorrect strat map models appearing for Arnor after it is reformed
    - Fixed: Some Rohan generals have incorrect Epithet or title
    - Added Fiefdom titles with ancillaries and traits for Harad, Dunland, Dale and Rhun by MIKE GOLF
    - Fixed: 'Silver Surfer' bug for SAUS Dale Calvary owned by Dwarves.
    - Added faction character names by MIKE GOLF and Spice Master (
    - Added upkeep costs for AOR units
    - Replaced Denethor's strat map model with Steward model from RotK mod by Kiliç Alì (

    Changelist for v1.4:
    Fixed Dale Woodsmen texturing problem.
    Fixed Dale Rivermen trying to fire their javelins like arrows.
    Fixed Dunland Huntsmen trying to fire their javelins like arrows.
    Fixed unit card unit info not appearing for Orc Volunteers and Goblin Volunteers.
    Fixed Rhudaur Archers 'unattached bow' condition
    Fixed Mumakil archers fire arms sound.
    Fixed several more 'silver surfer' bugs
    Fixed Lorien settlement upgrade bug that occured when upgrading to cities and large cities, vanilla generic settlements were used instead of the new Elven settlements by Emperor of Hell
    Added Elite Dunedain Rangers to the HE roster.
    Improved Immortal Nazgul script. Removed Nazgul ring trait, added description to ancillary. Presence of ring tested by script, not ancillary trigger.
    Removed the Additional Nazgul script. Totally redundant as MOS starts with all nine Nazgul.
    Reorganized optional script order of appearance to streamline the selection process; rewrote event triggers to make them more efficient
    Implemented 4 tier road system by MIKE GOLF
    Changed hording message title from 'Mordor annihilated' to 'Faction Annihilated' and replaced Mordor message with a generic message hinting that a horde may emerge.
    Updated region numbers in the Beacons of Gondor script, reward should work now; Fixed Theoden appearing as Lord of the Dead when aiding Gondor.
    Removed Hungary faction icon in Faction Standing Scroll
    Fixed Start with Arnor script, banners not being changed for AI player
    Added starting garrison to Henneth Annun
    Added starting garrison to Barad Dur
    Removed ability to recruit Ithilien units in Cirith Ungol, added to Minas Morgul.
    Edited code in the DCI scripting to fix Silvan Elves receiving incorrect religion
    Added code to the DCI script to include the Lorien Elves religion assignment
    Added Counter Invasion script to the read me file
    Unique buildings cards improved by Trailhog250
    New portraits added for generals compiled by MIKE GOLF
    New Pelargir unit info ui's by Trailhog250
    Ancillaries available for Dunland and Lorien Elves by MIKE GOLF
    New banner ancillaries for Arnor, Dunland and Lorien Elves by MIKE GOLF
    RR/RC unit balancing by Trailhog250
    Removed text from sunrise sky textures by MIKE GOLF
    Fiefdom traits, family trees, and ancillaries for Eriador/Arnor and Rohan by MIKE GOLF

    Changelist for v1.3:
    - Fixed many faction rosters that were missing unit cards and information.
    - Corrected 'silver surfer' issues for Isengard snagas and Rhudaur mercenary units.
    - Added the name of the Lorien elves special unit above it's picture in the faction selection screen.
    - Fixed Counter Invasion Script.
    - Fixed Diplomacy Script.
    - Fixed One Ring script not displaying ring found event.
    - Fixed Allied Resurrection Script.
    - Fixed autonomous regions script; Ents and hobbits not being removed, Dunland and Lorien Elves added to script
    - Added South Tharbad to Centralised Administration script.
    - Changed description for Nosse-en-Fingolfin to reflect jewel-smith must be constructed in Ost-in-Edhil, not Imladris.
    - Replaced Rhudaur Axemen (javelin) with Axemen of Rhudaur (axemen).
    - Added 3 tier road system by MIKE GOLF.
    - Moved Harad general Qusay and his army into Umbar at start of campaign.
    - Changed description for the ancillary Elendilmir to contain the settlement names required for the Arnor Union.
    - Hobbiton, Michel Delving and Longbottom belong to Eriador at start. Changed starting ownership of Weathertop (Amon Sul) from Eriador to Bandits.
    - Replaced Hobbits and bandits given to Eriador in the Counter Invasion script with more appropriate and capable units.
    - Strong Isengard (Sarumans Forces) and Strong Mordor (Eastern Shadows) can now be selected by evil factions as well, as long as the player is not one of the factions to directly benefit from this selection
    - Total Effects Point Info v1.1 by Withwnar included. (
    - Upgraded Total Diplomacy to v1.8 by Withwnar (
    - Changed terrain type of Weathertop (Amon Sul) to grassland from mountains.
    - Increased recruitment slots from 2 to 3 in large cities, huge cities, fortresses and citadels, FOR HUMAN PLAYERS ONLY.
    - Limited Hobbit autonomy road building settlements by MIKE GOLF.
    - Hobbit units now retrainable in Bree by MIKE GOLF
    - Added Dol Amroth units and a few Gondor units by Taro_M to the roster for Gondor. Dol Amroth units only recruitable in that city.
    - Gondor fiefdom barracks in Minas Tirith can now retrain all Dol Amroth units and other AOR units for Gondor.
    - DCI now part of MOS by Ngugi (
    - Other smaller fixes, enhancements, improvements and additions too numerous to mention individually.

    Changelist 1.12 for 3.1
    - includes 1.1 and 1.11 features
    - New voices for Gondor's units
    - Many bugfixes including but not limited to:
    - BR Dunedain stats fixed
    - Amon Sul had the Barrow Downs building instead of Weathertop, this has been fixed
    - Dunland no longer ends up with ridiculous amounts of money on the campaign as the AI (they have been included in the money scripts so they also will not run out) Should be working
    - Historic events grammar corrections by ozzi
    - Game breaking Arnor bug fixed; in 1.1 and 1.11 you could not reform Arnor due to a bug
    - Many other stat fixes for units + improvements
    - Lots of other bugfixes I inevitably forgot about
    - Hero of the West's Heroes mod for custom battle (Heroes can be used in custom battles to replicate lore-based battles)
    - As usual, many small features that are forgotten about during the compiling process

    Changelist 1.06 for 3.1
    - added trailhog's hotfix 1.05
    - added RR/RC stat changes
    - fixed rammas echor tooltip
    - fixed diplomacy talk Gondor
    - Took Anduril, athelast from Aragorn and gave Narsil
    - changed Eriador general starting positions
    - fixed Boromir battle model picture
    - made sure that victory armour, swords and shields are only held one at a time (to free up anc slots)
    - decreased the cost from corruption with 20%
    - decreased the generals wages by 10%
    - fixed the dunland starting buildings
    - removed lumbercamp for evil from all factions except Isengard
    - removed old ent spawn
    - added fires of industry script, which spawns ents as a revenge
    - added heirs of isildur by Smoesville
    - fixed video event mod (12 new vids)
    - Aragorn RPG working again
    - fixed dunland prevails script
    - upgraded aragorn with Louis Lux model

    Changelast 1.04 for 3.1
    -Latest Germanicu5 Battle AI and interactive gameplay mod
    -Arnor Armor upgrade
    -Isengard Culture submod
    -Some small stat changes and fixes
    -Boromir Plate armor Battle model (optional through a yes/no event in turn 1)
    -Total Diplomacy

    Changelist 1.03 for 3.1
    Fully implanted heroes mod (fixes Lurtz crash)
    Implented the reworked unit cards mod
    Fixed the Isengard declares war on dunland bug
    Updated the dunland and Eriador maps (you know, the one you see in the faction selection screen)
    Added Snaga stalkers for Isengard (Just remebered I forgot to include the unit cards , will fix it in the next version)
    Added the heavy galahdrim from FRoME
    Fixed crashes with some silvan elves units
    Might have fixed the crashes with the spiders
    Fixed the missing building pic for the lumber camp (only for dunland)
    Fixed the crash when using AUI to launch the game

    Changelist 6.3
    - Dunland rises script added
    - Taro M units deleted
    - Dol Amroth units from RR/RC implemented
    - AUI gold edition from Cedric37 added
    - Allycat rebel units added
    - A lot of minor fixes added
    - Elven stratmap sounds added
    - Rohan battlemap voices added

    Changelist 6.0 to 6.12
    - Dunland faction from Frome Added
    - MOS AP added
    - New ancillaries
    - New units from Taro M added
    - New sounds added for Isengard, elven rangers and nazgul special ability cries
    - various bugfixes and soundfixes added
    - new artwork
    - Aragorn RPG

    Changelist 5.2
    - new voices for most of gondors units
    - new Taro M units for Gondor
    - some ancillary changes
    - changed the splashscreen
    - Numerous fixes

    Changelist 5.1
    - Isengard Culture Submod added
    - Removed Total Recruitment
    - Eye of mordor added
    - Removed the AUM choice, not AUM itself
    - Newly made UI
    - Numerous fixes

    Changelist 5.0
    - New skins and UI for Gondor Soldiers
    - Unique buildings added
    - Improvements in SAUS mod
    - Improvements in Germanicu5 AI
    - Optional Expanded Map added
    - Mirror of Galadriel mod added
    - Numerous fixes for both UI & code

    Changelist 4.2
    - Fred the Taxmen script by Fred Putz
    - SAUS by withwnar
    - Strong Mordor script by Fred Putz
    - Orcnose script by Fred Putz
    - UI from RR/RC
    - Some fixes and minor improvements

    Changelist 4.1
    - added much artwork from RR/RC
    - better water submod
    - arnor reemergence mod
    - new loading screen and menu
    - some fixes and minor improvements

    Changelist 4.0:
    - added some missing entries
    - changed some units stat to prevent errors
    - removed the yes/no pop up screen for event video's because it did not function therefore redundant
    - but all previous fixes into the main mod to prevent installation problems

    Changelist 3.2:
    - added a mod which makes sure the important heroes don't get negative traits like alcoholic and such
    - removed the battle crown, leafcrown and hadhafang ancillary for now because of errors
    - made some grammar corrections
    - put in a fix for textures which helps when updates on units are made, this could prevent CTD's in the future
    - fixed a few errors
    - added new marriage art for the dwarves
    - added some new ancillary descriptions

    Changelist 3.1:
    - added an rare Elven ranger unit to eriador, which is given 2 and can be retrained in certain cities
    - fixed the axe throwing animation bug
    - made it so the game starts in fullscreen

    Changelist 3.01
    - Made the mod modfoldered
    - Made it so that the game can run in the background
    - Made a desktop icon with the proper links

    Known Bugs

    Known Bugs
    - Fellowship campaign is not playable with MOS.
    - When playing a (custom) battle where Ents, Wolves or Spiders are present, the game may crash. The cause of this is not known
    For more information on this, visit this THREAD

    - Slow turn times
    Move/reinstall your whole Medieval II TW folder (plus your mods) anywhere else on your PC.
    Just make sure it is outside of your Program Files or Program Files(x86) folder

    - Advisor can't be activated.
    Somebody reported that the advisor appears when you double click a settlement and then click the "locate position of settlement" button. I tried this myself and the advisor indeed popped up. You should not however click the "show me how" button when the settlement is still selected as for some mysterious reason this triggers a battle for this settlement, regardless if it is being besieged or not.

    The fellowship of the MOS

    Current and former MOS team members
    Current travellers

    Hero of the West, Modleader, Coder, Scripts, 2d artist, Writer, Public Relations, Betatester
    (currently inactive)

    Veteraan, Librarian, Betatester, Public Relations, Helpdesk
    (currently doing "maintenance" and support only)

    Greymane, Coder, Betatester, Helpdesk
    (currently inactive)



    Lü Bu, Modeller, Skinner

    Stylix, CEO and Coder

    Director, Coder

    Mike Golf, Coder

    Trailhog250, Coder

    Emperor of Hell, Coder

    Ngugi, CEO and sound janitor

    Maestro Ugo, 2d artist & Public Relations

    David93, coder

    Minas Moth, coder

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