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Thread: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6.2 [RELEASED]

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    Default Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6.2 [RELEASED]

    Bodyguard Switcher (v2.1.1) for MOS (v1.6.2)

    This is a modified version of Withwnar's Bodyguard Switcher v2.1.1 that is compatible with MOS v1.6.2 (including the 3 bugfixers).

    What it does:

    Allows you to change the bodyguard unit for any general under your control. For example: If you prefer to have archer bodyguards, but your Gondor general has mounted bodyguards, you could easily swap said general's default (mounted) units for some archers units instead. All of this is done in-game with no need for editing files separately.

    In addition, this also includes Withwnar's Executioner v1.2.1 submod, which allows you to kill any character in your faction (including agents). So no more having to suicide your generals/agents into enemy armies when you desperately need to reduce upkeep.

    Note: This mod is not save-game compatible.

    More Information + Instructions (mostly from Withwnar's original thread)
    Overview The switching process is started by pressing SHIFT+C. This "Change Bodyguard" action can be mapped to another key in the usual way: TATW main menu > Options > Keyboard Settings. You choose the character by clicking on the settlement for which he is governor. (Full details below.) You choose the bodyguard by clicking Accept on the scroll that offers it. It can only be done in some settlements: Castles of any size and Cities of size "Large Town" or higher. The settlement can not be under siege. Each faction has a small selection of bodyguard options. As a general rule these include: normal bodyguard units, unique bodyguard units (e.g. Grey Company), one each of the best infantry, spear, missile and cavalry units for that faction. See "Units" below for the list. Some units have specific rules. e.g. Morannon Guard are only available at the Black Gate, Orthanc Guard are only available at Isengard, etc. Some powerful units also have Chivalry/Dread requirements. e.g. Winged Swordsmen require 5+ Chivalry, Mumakil require 5+ Dread, etc. Notes:
    1. This can be repeated any number of times, even within the same turn for the same character.
    2. A "Changeable Bodyguard" trait identifies the character as having the ability.
    3. The character himself is unchanged: no loss of traits, ancillaries, etc. But his new bodyguard will have zero experience.
    4. There is a limit of 75 soldiers (+2 officers) for bodyguards. When the switch occurs the unit size will be whatever it normally is for that unit. But once if falls below 77 (battles, etc.) it will never go back higher than 77.
    5. In some cases a particular unit might not be offered as an option if there are other generals or agents in the settlement. This seems to only happen for units that have 'specific character' rules. If a unit isn't being offered then try moving other generals and agents out of the settlement first.
    6. It will not work correctly if another character has the same name. See "Same Name Problem" below.

    How to use it For example, to give Gandalf some Dúnedain Rangers...
    1. Make sure that no other character in your faction has his name. (See "Same Name Problem" below.)
    2. Move him into a valid settlement: City of at least "Large Town" or a Castle.
    3. Make sure that he is governor. (Remember that you might need to move other generals/agents outside.)
    4. Press SHIFT+C. The Change Bodyguard process begins...
    5. The first scroll is common to all factions, containing some generic information. Click Accept to continue.
    6. The second scroll is specific to this faction. Along with some further instructions it details the bodyguard options and their rules. e.g. "Dunedain Elite Rangers (Chivalry; Arnor)": the unit will be offered only if your general has 5+ Chivalry AND only after the Arnor Reunion. Click Accept to continue.
    7. Click on the settlement where Gandalf is, even if it is already selected.
    8. For each bodyguard option a scroll will appear. Click Accept on the one that you wish to use. In this case we keep clicking Decline until we reach Dúnedain Rangers.
    9. A "Bodyguard Camp" appears outside of the settlement. Gandalf is inside, under the "Army" tab.
    10. Move Gandalf out of the camp: into the settlement or wherever you wish to send him, so long as he is outside of the camp.
    11. Dismiss the camp: use the Disband Unit button on the "Bodyguard Camp" unit under the "Fleet" tab.

    Same Name Problem If another character has the same name then the switching can fail. Either: The switching won't be possible because he doesn't have the "Changeable Bodyguard" trait. After the switch your switched general will be stranded in the top-right (bottom-left in v2.0) corner of the map. Before doing ANY switch: Save the campaign - in case something goes wrong Check your faction's character list scrolls (Generals and Agents) to make sure that nobody else has his name If the same name does exist - and you want to go ahead with a switch - then you will need to remove that other character from your faction. For captains and admirals it should just be a case of merging them into another army/fleet or settlement. For generals and agents you will need to kill them...
    How to Summon the Executioner (kill characters) It can be done from any settlement...
    1. Click on the settlement to select it.
    2. Press the K key (for "Kill").
    3. An Executioner is summoned and will instantly appear outside of the settlement.
    4. Move the character to be killed onto the Executioner: he will join the Executioner's 'army'.
    5. Click on the Executioner to select him: an Accept/Decline message will confirm the execution.
    6. Pressing Accept will make the Executioner disappear, taking his 'army' with him, thus killing them.

    Whether he has anybody in his 'army' or not, pressing Accept will make the Executioner disappear. You can move characters out of his 'army' at any time before pressing Accept, if you change your mind or moved the wrong character into there. WARNING: he will automatically disappear at the end of turn and when a saved game is loaded. Anybody in his 'army' will be killed when that happens!
    Installation & Compatibility Downloads are available at the bottom of this post. In the following the "mod" folder means the Third_Age data folder, typically something like "C:\Programs\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\Third_Age_3\data". 1. Download the mod from the link at the bottom of this post - this is for MOS 1.6.2 only! - and extract it into the mod folder, answering "yes" to any "overwrite?" prompts. 2. Run Cleaner.bat - located at {TATW mod folder}\Cleaner.bat - this will reset your keybindings and allow the new keys to work. If the new key shortcuts are not working in the campaign then it might be because keys.dat is in the Vista/Win7/etc. virtual store. Something like this... C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\Third_Age_3\preferences ...delete it if it is. It is not save game compatible. This has been 'built on' MOS 1.6.2 with the 3 bugfixers. It does not know about other factions, characters, settlements and units that other submods/compilations introduce. Meaning: it will not work with those new characters, etc. Compatability Note: Currently if you accept the "Immortal Heroes" and "Immortal Nazgul" scripts from MOS they will work, but you will not be able to change the bodyguard units for generals whom have died and been resurrected. I'll look into fixing this in the future.
    Credits & Permissions All credit goes to the original creators of these two great mods, Withwnar and the MOS team. For permissions, see the "Permissions" section in this thread.
    Available Units
    Bardian Marksmen [Missile] Dismounted Earls [Infantry] Dale Swordmasters [Infantry] Barding Hird [Infantry] Athala Rangers [Missile] Bardian Marksmen [Missile] Earls [Cavalry]
    Gimli's regiment [Infantry] --> Gimli Dwarven Noblemen [Infantry] Iron Guard [Infantry] Iron Crossbowmen [Infantry] Axemen of Erebor [Infantry] --> Erebor Dragonslayers of Ered-Mithrin [Infantry] --> Dáin's Halls Hammers of Gundabad [Infantry] --> Gundabad Guards of Khazad-dûm [Infantry] --> Moria Mattock Warriors of the Iron Hills [Infantry] --> Iron Hills
    Free Peoples of Eriador
    Aragorn's regiment [Cavalry, Missile] --> Aragorn Gandalf's regiment [Cavalry] --> Gandalf Dúnedain Bodyguards [Cavalry] Hobbit Bodyguards [Infantry] Northern Line Volunteers [Infantry] Battle-ready Dúnedain [Infantry] Dúnedain Rangers [Missile] Mounted Battle Ready Dúnedain [Cavalry] Bodyguards [Cavalry] --> Arnor Arnor Infantry [Infantry] --> Arnor Arnor Pikemen [Spearmen] --> Arnor Hollow Steel Marksmen [Missile] --> Arnor Arnor Knights [Cavalry] --> Arnor Dismounted Arnor Knights [Infantry] --> Arnor Dúnedain Elite Rangers [Missile] --> Chivalry; Arnor Knights of Annúminas [Cavalry] --> Chivalry; Arnor; Annúminas Dismounted Dúnedain Knights [Infantry] --> Chivalry; Arnor; Annúminas
    Boromir's regiment [Spearmen] --> Boromir Denethor's regiment [Spearmen] --> Denethor Faramir's regiment [Missile] --> Faramir General's Bodyguard [Cavalry] Dismounted General's Bodyguard [Infantry] Citadel Guard [Spearmen] Citadel Guard Archers [Missile] Blackroot Vale Archers [Missile] Ithilien Rangers [Missile] Knights of the Realm of Gondor [Cavalry] Master Rangers of Ithilien [Missile] --> Chivalry; Henneth Annún Fountain Guard [Spearmen] --> Chivalry; Minas Tirith Winged Swordsmen [Infantry] --> Chivalry; Minas Tirith Minas Ithil Guardians [Spearmen] --> Minas Morgul Lossarnach Nobles [Infantry] --> Carasast Swan Knights [Cavalry] --> Dol Amroth Dismounted Swan Knights [Infantry] --> Dol Amroth
    Serpent Bodyguards [Cavalry] Dismounted Serpent Guard [Infantry] Troll-men of Harad [Infantry] Hasharii [Infantry] Southron Archers [Missile] Serpent Guard [Cavalry] Mûmakil [Cavalry] --> Dread
    High Elves
    Elladan's regiment [Cavalry] --> Elladan Elrohir's regiment [Cavalry] --> Elrohir Elrond's regiment [Spearmen] --> Elrond Glorfindel's regiment [Spearmen] --> Glorfindel Eldarinwë Nobles [Cavalry] Eldarinwë Shieldbearers [Infantry] Eldarinwë Spearmen [Spearmen] Eldarinwë Swordsmen [Infantry] Eldarinwë Archers [Missile] Eldarinwë Lancers [Cavalry] Mithlond Nobles [Infantry] --> Chivalry; Mithlond Smiths of Eregion [Infantry] --> Chivalry; Ost-in-Edhil
    Lurtz's regiment [Infantry] --> Lurtz Sarumans regiment [Spearmen] --> Saruman; Isengard Ugluk's regiment [Infantry] --> Ugluk Uruk-Hai Bodyguards [Infantry] Uruk-Hai Infantry [Infantry] Uruk-Hai Pikemen [Spearmen] Uruk-Hai Crossbow [Infantry] Berserkers [Infantry] Warg Riders [Cavalry] Guards of the Orthanc [Spearmen] --> Isengard
    Black Númenóreans [Cavalry] --> Nazgul Dismounted Black Númenóreans [Infantry] --> Nazgul Uruk Bodyguard [Infantry] Uruks [Infantry] Uruk Halberds [Infantry] Uruk Archers [Missile] Guldur Slayers [Infantry] --> Dol Guldur Morannon Guard [Spearmen] --> Morannon
    Orcs of Gundabad
    Orc Bodyguards [Infantry] Orc Marauders [Infantry] Orc Halberdiers [Infantry] Rhudaur Nobles [Infantry] Rhudaur Archers [Missile] Warg Riders [Cavalry]
    Orcs of the Misty Mountains
    Orc Bodyguards [Infantry] Heavy Goblin Infantry [Infantry] Heavy Goblin Halberd [Infantry] Heavy Goblin Archers [Missile] Warg Riders [Cavalry]
    Bodyguard [Cavalry] Lôke-Hash Rim [Infantry] Lôke-Gamp Rim [Spearmen] Lôke-Lar Rim [Infantry] Lôke-Tudnas Rim [Missile] Lôke-Innas Rim [Cavalry]
    Theoden's regiment [Cavalry] --> Theoden Rohan Bodyguards [Cavalry] Dismounted Royal Guard [Spearmen] Riddermark Axemen [Infantry] Dismounted Royal Kinsmen [Missile] Royal Guard [Cavalry] Royal Kinsmen [Cavalry, Missile]
    Silvan Elves
    Legolas regiment [Missile] --> Legolas Thranduil's regiment [Missile] --> Thranduil Sindar Archers [Missile] Mirkwood Shield Guard [Infantry] Mirkwood Spear Guard [Spearmen] Mirkwood Sword Guard [Infantry] Mirkwood Archer Guard [Missile] Silvan Horsearchers [Cavalry, Missile]
    Elves of Lorien
    Haldir's regiment [Missile] --> Haldir Sindar Archers [Missile] Galadhrim Swordsmen [Infantry] Galadhrim Guards [Spearmen] Galadhrim Archers [Missile] Lórien Lancers [Cavalry]
    Wildmen of Dunland
    Chieftain's Bodyguards [Infantry] Noble Swordsmen [Infantry] Noble Pikemen [Infantry] Dunhird Champions [Infantry] Enedwaith Stalkers [Missile] Isenmach Axemen [Infantry] Isenmach Raiders [Cavalry]

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Great work!
    But unfortunately I can't download it, the link is broken.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Added some additional mirrors to the original post.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Withwnar said this would be a heroic job, way to go!

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Hi do you have install instructions for this? I am using MOS 1.6. THANKS!

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    See "Installation & Compatibility" in the OP.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Excellent sub-mod. I am waiting Helmingas, Dunhird Champions and Athala Rangers in new upgrade.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    I just wanted to report that this super submod! does not work with the new version of MOS 1.6.1! I hope for a speedy update! thank you very much and good work

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Unfortunately my hard drive died yesterday and among the files lost were the scripts I used to generate this submod, so unless I can recover them there probably won't be any major updates.
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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Quote Originally Posted by Greatness7 View Post
    Install the patch after you install the full mod in the OP then run cleaner.bat.
    Hiho i can't download that patch. Thx for your work.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    does not work!

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Help how exactly do I have to install it works. I have the third age 3.2 mos dan dan Bodyguard Switcher 1.6.1 installed with patch dan cleaner. but it always crashes on the loading screen! what am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Help how exactly do I have to install it works. I have the third age 3.2 after the mos1.6.1 installed. dan Bodyguard Switcher with the patch Trashed cleaner. but it always crashes on the loading screen! what am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    It's only compatible with 1.6.0 MOS at the moment. I had some hardware issues and will work on an update once I get them sorted out. I've removed the patch since it had some problems and I can't properly test things at the moment.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Any progress on making it compatible with MOS 1.6.1? Currenty Im playing with the WSC submod but Id like to try MOS after my current campaign.. Really hope you manage to salvage what was lost after your hardware problems!

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    Updated to work with MOS 1.6.2 (+bugfixer)!
    Also enabled more bodyguard options: Athala Rangers, Hobbit Bodyguards, Guldur Slayers, and Dunhird Champions.

    New download links are in the OP.

    side question: How do I edit thread titles?

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6 [RELEASED]

    How do I edit thread titles?
    With the Advanced editor. You might need 50 posts - some things do.

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6.2 [RELEASED/UPDATED]

    25 should be enough, seems you managed (?), yet otherwise you can ask a moderator to help you
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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6.2 [RELEASED/UPDATED]

    nice submod.

    An idea (for this): would it be possible for generals when recruited from armies to have as bodyguard unit the unit it was promoted from? Example: I won a battle with a captain (random name) he was part of the militia, the general adopted afterwards uses militia. Etc

    Sorry for the bad explanation... :p

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    Default Re: Bodyguard Switcher 2.1.1 for MOS 1.6.2 [RELEASED/UPDATED]

    ^ That would not be possible I am afraid.

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