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Thread: Download -Hellenika- version 1.2

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    Great thanks for the replay.

    We have an imagination in any case. Lets look at Zakinthos for example. It was a typical greek sity. Zakinthos followed in line with the policy of Athens. The garrison is just a conditional difinition in the game. I simply can imagine that its not Athens garrison actually but this is Zakinthos own small forces which every greek polis has. 500-1000 men of Zakinthos who go out to ptotect its native city in emergancy case. When I capture Zakinthos I dont occupy this sity. I just make them follow in line policy of Lakedaimon. Emblem of Sparta above Zakinthos on the strategy map does not mean my occupation of this city. It means only pro-spartan goverment of Zakinthos. And conditional "spartan" garrison is not really spartan garrison. No any spartan veterans and youth. There is only Zakinthos militia. Of cause I can imagine if I need that half of acropolis guard are really spartans, 60 of 120 men bodyguards

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    Yes you got it right. That is the way it worked. In many cases of important or strong cities a garrison of native Spartans were left as an Acropolis guard as you say. This part we got it in the mod. The youth part is indeed overused for reasons explained in the previous post

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    Hi guys...I just downloaded the 2 files non-steam, but I cannot make it work....could someone please explain me how to install Hellenika non-steam ? I can't wait to play it...

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    Do you have patch 17 on?

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    Errr...I dunno '^^ sorry I'm not an expert, how could I check it ?

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    Sorry for replying late but I was away from my pc due to work. In steam in your library of games if it says Rome 2 total war plainly then you do not have patch 17 on. If it has a parentheses with patch 17 then you do. To have patch 17 follow the instructions in page 1 Op

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    haven't found it brought up significantly anywhere yet so I'll throw it out there and ask:

    Why do I need to revert to Patch 17?

    This is an unusually frustrating hassle as Steam continuously freezes up and stops "downloading" Patch 17 less than half-way through. On top of that, I also want to play with other mods affecting other campaigns and would have to constantly switch back and forth from patches.Is there any way to update this mod for Patch 18 in such a way that doesn't break the mod?

    It constantly freezes up at 372mb out of 1gb, then when it finishes, just says "Update Cancelled" and does it all over again
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    Sorry mate.
    The main team here are not really active on the project these days. Some are busy with other works while others have RL to deal with. Phalangitis flirts with the idea of making it patch 18 compatible but as we all know...RL takes importance over gaming.
    While I admit it is annoying dealing with patch 17/18- I don't run into those same issues with the patch. I find it just takes a bit of time but I never get any errors reverting back and fourth.
    My biased opinion here is that Hellenika is one the best TW mods around. I'd suggest you go all into patch 17 and put some time into it. Just ensure you read the manual and you won't regret it.

    One thing I hate about this mod is the fact that it has really dulled other mod experiences for me :p

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    Sorry for the inconvenience we cause to you and others as well but I will explain why this is as it is.
    The main reason is that Updating the mod for the newest patches is a great deal of work unfortunately because Hellenika changed almost every aspect of the game. Unfortunately my time is minimal to zero and my co pilot in modding M@x1mus is diverting his also minimal free time to Vae Victis.
    To be honest we would make a final effort if there was a very important reason but in reality there is no. New patches bring nothing that the Hellenika could use (for this specific timeline that is) plus there is almost zero compatibility with Hellenika and other mods due to the extensive changes made. Finally the player in Hellenika needs so much time in the mod that the possibility to play Hellenika along with other mods in the same time is almost undoable our at least not advised. In my humble experience the player that decides to try this mod must spent few days with it only to dive into its world and when the campaign ends then could move on to other mods. So in fact there is no switch back and forth just one time only.
    Finally CA keeps unleashing patches even years after the initial release and we can't follow this path. They have a team that is being paid and we have demanding jobs in RL so we cannot compete a gaming company in its rhythms.
    So as you understand updating the mod is a great work with actual no real benefit. You just have to go through the 10 minute change once.

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    I see and understand that now. I had just never seen it explained somewhere (unless I missed it) why the retrofit was necessary. The main issue I have which brought me to bring it up is that, while it is supposed to be a minor change (switch to patch 17), for what ever reason it is a major hassle for my Steam in which it will continuously "cancel" the download and restart it over again repeatedly

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    This mod desperately needs an update. The previous patch "guard mode" stance is worth it on itself

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    yes we will see what happens.
    I've been playing DEI and as amazing as this mod is...I find myself wishing that had more Hellenika features!

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    I desperately want to play Hellenika but don't want to go back several patches.
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    Patch 20 beta:
    Part 1
    (You should delete the previous part 1 of Hellenika and replace it with this one. Parts 2 and 3 are the same. If you use the steam version, you should deactivate part 1 and download and activate this one instead. Parts 2 and 3 should remain activated. Some bugs exists so, it remains a beta until stated otherwise.)
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    Default Re: Download -Hellenika- version 1.2

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    hello, completely new to this mod. i need help with the patch 20 download. i want to use it with steam.

    what exactly do i do with "@hellenika1_upd"?
    i know how to unpack it, but what do i do so that it works with mod manager in steam? or is that not how it works?

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    You just need to drop the @Hellenika1_upd in your Rome II / Data folder.
    If using steam it should be steam/steammaps/common/Total War Rome II/data

    then open steam and you should see this available in your Rome II mod manager. Enable it with Hellenika parts 2 and 3 and the mod should work fine.
    The @Hellenika1_upd replaces the original Hellenika part 1/3.

    I hope that helps.

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