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Thread: Download -Hellenika- version 1.2

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    Hello, gentlemen! I have some important news for Russian-speaking players. There is a full translation for Hellenika - version 1.2 (20th patch).
    Use it! I hope that the expectations will be met, because it's much more interesting to play, knowing what we're talking about.

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    That's no small feat! Поздравляю! However, with the bug that at least me and other player are experiencing, that the game freezes when declaring war, it's hard to enjoy it :/

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    Sorry for the double post, but d'oh. I had disabled automatic updates on all my games for bandwidth reasons (had to use my phone's wifi for a week, but that was at least 6 months ago) and forgot to enable them. As soon as I did, Rome II updated? I thought last patch was Rise of the Republic. Anyway, I instantly tried the mod and it works! I would advice anyone having the same problem to make sure their game is allowed to update. I'm actually quite surprised that all the other mods I use worked on an outdated version of the game for half a year, especially Divide et Impera

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    So the update will never come?

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