This mod has no equal when it comes to portraying the hoplitai phalanx: visually and mechanically, the spacing between the soldiers, their speed and manouvreability, the size of the shields and how they seem to overlap, the way the hoplites will sometimes start doing a "shoving/pushing" (othismos) match as described by ancient authors, not to mention the eye candy of all of the units and the attention to detail: its extremely breath taking;

However, outside of the historical context of the Peloponnesian and Corinthian wars (as well as conflicts of that nature), I would like to know if it would be possible to implement the units and the way the behave from this mod to the regular sparta and athens factions of Rome II: I would like to be able to fight non greeks with the greeks of this mod, not that there is any historical implications whatsoever to my request, its just something I'd love to do but wonder if theres any kind of submod for this around;

I've been trying to mess with pack files myself but it was all to no avail.