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Thread: CBUR HQ (Komnenian Overhaul)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antiokhos Euergetes View Post
    Are there units still available, and are they possible to add to BC and Ruishi?

    If the links are still working yes. But you have to give the credits to their creator.
    Rusichi already uses CBUR's units plus the cataphracts they created under our instructions. BC has a differnt style of textures and those unit will look alien in the mod.
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    TGC in order to continue its development seak one or more desicated scripters to put our campaign scripts mess to an order plus to create new events and create the finall missing factions recruitment system. In return TGC will give permision to those that will help to use its material stepe by step. The result will be a fully released TGC plus many mods that will benefit TGC's material.
    Despite the mod is dead does not mean that anyone can use its material
    read this to avoid misunderstandings.

    IWTE tool master and world txt one like this, needed inorder to release TGC 1.0 official to help TWC to survive.
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    Default Re: CBUR HQ (Komnenian Overhaul)

    You have a good point about them looking alien, it's just a little hard to go back to older style units after the magnificent Palaiologos units and Macedonia units TGC and Tsardoms have produced.
    A revamped Komnenian roster is ideally what I wish for on par with TGC units. Fingers crossed

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    Default Re: CBUR HQ (Komnenian Overhaul)

    A proper Komnenian mod will be amazing - my favorite medieval East Roman dynasty.
    I hope one day we will see -TGC II

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    Default Re: CBUR HQ (Komnenian Overhaul)

    Can someone put up another link please? The two links don't work anymore.

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    Default Re: CBUR HQ (Komnenian Overhaul)

    Just letting people know: I uploaded the mod to nexusmods and updated the link. Should be working fine now... assuming Stainless Steel is still alive after all these years
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