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Thread: Age of Vikings

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    The Mod has been removed from Steam workshop, I was playing a campaign with the Kingdom of Italy and now the game is simply vanished from my Mod Maneger, Steam tells me the file has been removed or deleted by the author, so, now I ask:


    To the author: UT TE DII DEAEQUE PERDANT!
    My dear guy, if you decide to remove your work, this is your ****ing right; if you decide to stop sharing your ****ing Mod on Steam, this is OK; if you don't care of your fanbase, also this is OK, but, all in all, the simplest form of politeness, good manners and common belonging to the Western Civilization would require to communicate to the players (who are also your fans) WTF is happening, WTF you have decided and why their subscribed ****ing Mod doesn't work anymore, dammit!
    The youth nowadays!!!!

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    Age of Britain and Age of Vikings for me the two best mods and the only reason I still play this TW game. I have been away and just saw this does anyone know why Rikashey took them down? or know if they will be back? WTF is right. Maybe I should have told him how great I think these mods were when I had the chance. Thank you Rikashey for all the work you did if your still around.

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    Does no one else notice that this mod was taken down? No notice, no anything?

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    i was disappointed to try and play last night and found it to be completely removed from my game. i hope it comes back in any form, steam or offline.

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    great news! thank you!

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    Great guys! A non-steam link can be added, please ? Or maybe it cannot be possible?

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    Thank you my brother, any chance to get Age of Britain back up? Or do I ask too much?

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    I created a ModDB profile and uploaded the mod, I hope you don't mind. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelduin View Post
    I created a ModDB profile and uploaded the mod, I hope you don't mind. Enjoy!
    thanks bro, but its same when you download it from steamworkshopdownloader. its not working with mod manager. when i run it with mod manager game starts and freez
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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    Andalusian knights.

    Western Franks v. Kingdom of Asturias.

    The Danes. They mad.

    Kingdom of Navarre.

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    It's with great pleasure that the Modding Awards Committee informs you that this mod has been awarded in the recent 2016 Modding Awards, as seen here! Please feel free to stop by and check the list of all the winners.

    Also, don't forget to check
    here for more details about how to promote the victory of your mod.

    If any question about please feel free to use the
    Discussion thread

    On behalf of the Modding Awards Committee
    Under the patronage of Finlander, patron of Lugotorix & Lifthrasir & joerock22& Socrates1984; of the Imperial House of Hader

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    Default Re: Age of Vikings

    Does anyone know of a good combat balance mod compatible with this awesome campaign mod?

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