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Thread: Guilds, a guide to get them on VH/VH (Assassins)

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    Default Guilds, a guide to get them on VH/VH (Assassins)

    (updated 10th December)

    To be offered an Assassins guild you have to work very hard. Arguably it's the most difficult guild to obtain being the easiest the Thieves's Guild which the AI is so fond of. I still haven't been offered the Masons' , Woodmasters' nor Horsebreeders' Guilds. Playing as France on VH/VH Grand campaign. 1 turn = 1 year.

    It's very useful to have a spy close to the assassin's target. I'm not sure if this actually improves or influences the assassins' success rate but I always had a spy within range. Performing sabotage missions does not improve an assassins' killing skill btw IMO.

    I trained all my assassins in one city so I was offered the Assassins' Guild in that city. This doesn't always work and you might be offered the assassins' guild somewhere else where you have never actually trained an assassin. You start them gaining experience hitting princesses exclusively. This will get you to level 4-5 plus useful retinues. Princessess have the highest success rate for noob assassins with zero stars (at least in the 40% range).

    Once they reach level 4-5 have them hitting rebel captains or noob diplomats with at least 60% success rate.

    Once they reach level 8-10 subterfuge you can start thinking of killing AI generals. My ten subterfuge assassins had a 35% against the Pope; just so you know what to expect out of a top-ranking assassin.

    Once I reached my first 9 or 10 subterfuge assassin and I made yet another kill with him I was offered the very next turn my first Assassins guild in a city (Bordeaux) which had never produced a single assassin and didn't even have a tavern/inn !!

    Needless to say I accepted. Upgraded the city (to huge city walls) and upgraded the path from tavern to coaching house. On doing this immediately I was offered Master Assassins guild in that same city. Now I'm upgrading to Pleasure Palace in that city and hopefully I'll be offered Assassin's Headquarters there. EDIT: After having completed the Pleasure Palace I was offered the Assassins' Headquarters Guild in Bordeaux on turn 117. Assassins trained here come out with a subterfuge ranging between 1-5, it's random.

    I've also been offered and accepted another 6 level 1 Assassin guilds in Ajaccio, Stattin, Magdeburg, Rennes, Dijon and Frankfurt which had never produced assassins and also didn't have taverns/inns, really bizarre. In the city where I had always produced my assassins (Frankfurt) I was never offered the Assassins guild (nor did it have any other guild in that city btw EDIT: in fact I did have a guild, the HRE had built a Thieves guild there, on demolishing this guild I was offered an Assassins guild there the very next turn).

    I never had more than 4-5 assassins at any time built. It takes a lot of hard work because every turn you must scan the map and assign them appropiate targets in accordance to their skill level. Never assigning them a mission with less than a 30% success chance. The North of Italy (Venice to Milan) is a major killing ground for princessess, rebels, diplomats etc... it was my assassin's training ground. Your faction leader will also get traits (plus dread traits) as you succeed killing more and more people (retinue= Master of Assassins).

    I also built the Merchants' Headquarters Guild in Marseille (this city was the only one to build merchants since the start of the game. I was offered the merchant's guild there so all the more reason to build merchants only there. Merchants trained in Marseille have between a 1-5 level, random; I have to note that after having this HQ built Merchants trained in any city also get the random 1-5 finance trait, so the HQ projects a global effect on all settlements; same is true probably of other HQ Guilds) and Theologians' Headquarters Guild in Paris (this city, Paris, had been producing priests non-stop since I got my first Theologian guild there. I upgraded to huge walls and Huge Cathedral. The priests trained in Paris came out with very high piety (5-7 piety). The College of Cardinals is flooded with my own factions cardinals. 11/13 cardinals are French so I have -almost- no problems with inquisitors and all Popes elected are French). I also have the Thieves' Headquarters Guild in Milan albeit this was actually captured.

    Btw regarding the Merchant gold bug, I swaped my capital from Paris to other cities within the same turn just to see how much impact this had in the revenue from merchant trade (not the total faction income, not to be confused). Then it dawned on me that what would happen if I changed my capital to Marseille where the Merchants' Headquarters Guild was. My Merchants' trade income jumped from 2700 gold per turn to more than 4100 gold per turn. Impressive. EDIT: I'm now pulling in 9.000 gold per turn with Merchant trade having deployed approximately 30 merchants Worldwide. Merchant trade is lucrative.

    Regarding Chapter Houses, they bear no relation with Crusades. You don't need to go on a crusade to be offered one.

    You have to build specific buildings for guilds (and continue to upgrade them as the city itself is upgraded as well) as well as training the respective agents appropiately (merchants, priests, assassins, spies), it's both things that trigger the offer to build a guild.

    Merchants' Guild: upgrade city to max level (huge stone walls) and upgrade the path from grain exchange/ports all the way up to naval dockyard/merchant's quarters as well as training your merchants to a minimum level on resources. Try to train all your merchants in the city which harbours the merchants' guild level 1 or 2. Once you obtain the Merchants' Headquarters Guild (level 3) it is indifferent in which settlement you train them because the Merchant HQ Guild has global effect as can be read in the traits of the newly trained merchants, "merchants' guild apprentice", (this global effect is akin to all other Headquarter (HQ) Guilds, that's why they are so important). I obtained it on turn 101 (2 years= 1 turn on VH/VH) playing as England exactly where I wanted it, in London. Read this excellent guide by OG Gleep:

    Assassins' Guild: upgrade city to max level (huge stone walls) and upgrade from tavern all the way up to Pleasure Palace. Increase the skill of your assassins' killing targets appropiate to their skill level.

    Theologians' Guild: upgrade city to max level (huge stone walls) and upgrade the path from small chapel all the way to huge cathedral. Have your priests hunting down heretics and witches as well as sending them to a land with plenty of heresy (Orthodox or Muslim religion) to raise their piety.

    Thieves' Guild: upgrade city to max level (huge stone walls) and upgrade from tavern all the way up to Pleasure Palace. Increase the skill of your spies investigating cities and armies.

    Swordsmiths' Guild: upgrade castle to citadel. Build a lot of knights, heavy infantry. I had the Swordsmisths´ Headquarters Guild offered in a citadel which only had an Armourer, so there is no need to upgrade it all the way to Armour Factory. You've gotto build every turn lots of heavy infantry.

    Explorers' Guild: upgrade the city as required. Also upgrade the city improvements which allow to build diplomats (to be confirmed). Explore the map using diplomats and ships.

    Guilds have three levels (you can only have one guild per city):

    Level 1 guilds (ordinary Guild 1000 worth gold) you can have many of them throughout your Empire.

    Level 2 guilds (Master Guilds worth 2000 gold) only one per faction (although if you capture from the AI cities with Master Guilds you can have more than one of the same type. I have 3 cities with Master Thieve Guilds).

    Level 3 Guilds (Guild Headquarters worth 3000 gold) only one Worldwide may exist, it's like a unique Great Wonder.

    All the level 1 Assassins' guilds I was offered were in cities which had NEVER built assassins NOR did they even have taverns/inns.

    What triggers a level 1 Assassins' guild IMHO is your assassins killings and how he improves his skills over time. I was offered a level 1 guild for the first time when I reached a high-ranking assassin (level 9-10 IRRC).

    In order to get a level 2 guild, Master guild, you just have to upgrade your city to the next level. Unless you upgrade your city you will be unable to upgrade the path inn--tavern--brothel--coaching house--pleasure palace and you will be left stuck with a level 1 guild.

    And finally if you want the level 3 guild, which is unique worldwide, you will need the path from inn to Pleasure Palace completely upgraded IMHO.

    Once you hace the Assassins' HQ your assassins, regardless of where they are trained, have as a trait "Assassins' Guild apprentice/journeyman" which gives them extra subterfuge. The Guilds HQ have a global effect in all your empire's settlements, that's why Headquarter Guilds are so important. The same can be said of all the other Guilds HQ i.e Merchants trained in any settlement have the "Merchants'Guild apprentice" which give them extra finance which is random and varies from 1-5 finance. There is no need to have level 1 guilds once you have the Merchants' HQ's Guild from training the merchants point of view, although merchant guilds and explorer guilds improve trade in the settlements they are in so they are still useful to further propel your trade income.

    As a sidenote If you mouse over the Master Assassins' guild (IRRC) to destroy it you get credited with 666 gold = evil

    (post has been edited to correct things; I actually have now 7 Assassin guilds not 4; also most assassin guilds are in cities which were castles before and I swaped them over to cities, I'm not sure if this has any effect or not= I've just checked that the cities conquered to the AI had plenty of Thieves guilds, the AI is prone to build them in its cities and to a much lesser extent Explorers guilds, so that's probably why I was offered the new Assassin guilds in cities which had been swaped over from castles and had -naturally- no previous guilds built in them).

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    Default Re: Guilds, a guide to get them on VH/VH (Assassin

    what Guilds are available out of curiosity?

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    Default Re: Guilds, a guide to get them on VH/VH (Assassin

    IME all you say is right
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