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Thread: A new historical TW game already in development?

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    Default A new historical TW game already in development?

    I just saw this article:

    The full text:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The Creative Assembly and SEGA might be focusing most of their marketing on the coming Total War: Warhammer, but the two companies are ready to confirm that one team inside the development studio is working on another historical title that has not yet been officially announced.

    The company is also working with Microsoft to create Halo Wars 2, which is supposed to arrive before the end of the year.

    The team inside The Creative Assembly which created Total War: Attila has been working on a new project since the end of 2014, when the core game was finished and ready for launch, and apparently they have completed the pre-production steps associated with a new strategy experience.

    The process has involved planning, long-term scheduling as well as research linked to the period, the art style and the engine technology that will be used to create the video game.

    The Creative Assembly explains on the official site that, "They’ve recently started prototyping some feature ideas, and that will be the next stage of development that will keep them busy for now. It will be some time before we reveal this title. It will be huge, it will be historic. It will not be soon."

    The studio is not yet ready to offer any information about the historical period that they are aiming to explore and apparently no questions from the player base will be answered for the foreseeable future, which means that the community is free to speculate about the options until a reveal arrives.

    Arena and Kingdom also have a future at The Creative Assembly

    Fans of historical Total War title will also be able to soon get access to a new Slavic nations downloadable content pack for Attila, which might be offered for free as long as gamers manage to defeat Company of Heroes 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 in the Make War, Not Love event that's running all through the week.

    According to The Creative Assembly, they also have long-term plans to offer support for the Arena experience, a free-to-play title that is heading towards open beta and will receive more changes, and new features based on the feedback coming from the fan base.

    Total War Battles: Kingdom is a stripped-down take on the series that is designed to offer cross-platform play on the PC and tablets, with a full launch date set to be announced soon.

    A dedicated team inside the studio is also focusing on the delivery of downloadable content, with the Slavic pack for Attila apparently being the final delivery for the historical Total War experience before they switch over to the coming Warhammer fantasy strategy title.

    The full-fledged Total War: Warhammer is set to arrive on the PC on April 28 of this year and will allow gamers to take control of the Empire, the Greenskins, the Vampire Counts or the Dwarfs as they seek to keep the Old World safe from the attacks of Chaos.

    The team has said that the title will be the first in a trilogy that will explore the fantasy universe created by Games Workshop, and it will apparently exist at the same time as a more historical series of titles.

    And this is taken from the, as referenced in the above article:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Historical Team – Unannounced Total War Title
    Game Director - Janos Gaspar

    This team most recently released Total War: ATTILA in February 2015, which went on to become our best-selling ever follow-up title. Since that game was finalised for manufacture at the end of 2014, they’ve primarily been in the early pre-production stages of our next historically-based major release. That involves planning, scheduling and researching the period, art styles and technology we want to put into the game. They’ve recently started prototyping some feature ideas and that will be the next stage of development that will keep them busy for now. It will be some time before we reveal this title. It will be huge, it will be historic. It will not be soon. It is not worth asking any more questions about it

    If it is true, then CA are really working on a new historical game?

    I can only guess three things - Empire 2, Medieval 3 or some gunpowder era game set in a new era. Years ago they said they will never make a third sequel for any game but who knows, CA has changed a lot since Medieval 2. Or they might've thought of some new setting and area. It might even be Medieval 3 if their recent direction of timeframe in games is to be considered (Charlemagne, that other side project game etc.)...

    ...I just hope it is not built on Warscape engine again. That steaming pile of turd of an engine needs to go away. And I do hope it is a mainstream TW game, not a side-project like that Kingdoms or whatever.

    All in all, I personally think this game will be announced this year.
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    Default Re: A new historical TW game already in development?

    Wat about Genghis Khan?

    It could cover medieval Europe but could include Asia as well. It could take horde mechanics even further and improve upon Attila's systems.

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    Default Re: A new historical TW game already in development?

    My hope is ETW2 based on ETW1. More likely it will be based on R2/Attila. Same map system and all that which would be a huge disappointment. The ETW map province system is so much better then R2.
    Sure it needs some improvement and some of the larger provinces need to be split into smaller parts but it in general it worked much better then the system used in R2.
    ETW is still a very buggy game but despite that it is my favourite TW game with M2 in second and R1 in third. I really hope they ditch the R2 mechanics even though it is very unlikely.
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