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    Default Tusk Team Tournament (1.6 beta,)

    Hello everyone! Its time for me to finally set the rules on that tournament I promised would be happening during Make War, not Love!


    This tournament will start on February 19th, at 14:22 PST, or 22:22 GMT.

    Basic Premise:

    Teams will be comprised of two players, one of whom will play the same faction in every round of the tournament, and the other who must play a different faction during each round of the tournament.

    This tournament will use the public beta of 1.6 tuskmod:

    This tournament will be organized in the testers of tuskmod chat, please be there 30 minutes prior to the match:

    We do have a discord channel, if any teams wish to use it for coordination or voice chat:


    This tournament will use several round robin brackets of 3-6 teams, the best of whom will advance to a single elimination semifinals->finals tournament.

    The finals/semi-finals will be best of three.

    This format was chosen because it can resolve an incredibly diverse number of matches in what should roughly be the same amount of time provided no complications arise.

    Challonge brackets will be available once we know how many teams have signed up.

    Map/Faction choice:

    The first player on all teams is stuck with their first faction throughout the whole tournament.

    The second player on each team is allowed to re-pick their faction until they are satisfied with the match, but cannot play the same faction twice.

    Any balanced map is allowed, in any season. (Kariskos, East/West Plains, Swamps, ETC ETC.)

    The battles are attacker-attacker.

    Army building rules:

    This tournament will make use of medium funds (7500.)

    Each player is allowed to bring a maximum of four of the same unit.

    Each team is allowed to bring a maximum of thirteen units of the same unit class (Spear infantry, melee infantry, shock cavalry, ETC ETC.) This is not counting generals.

    If any of these rules are broken in a way that causes a team to unfairly win, the opposing team may demand a rematch. If the team which won broke no rules, there is no obligation for such a rematch.
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