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Thread: How to change agents cost and recruitment time

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    Default How to change agents cost and recruitment time

    This can be the solution to solve the unrealistic/frustrating problem to have to train one assassin as you can train 200 soldiers.

    I've found how to change the number of turns needed to train an assassin/diplomat ect... and thier cost and unkeep.

    Open your descr_cultures.txt

    And search for these lines :

    spy			spy.tga			spy_info.tga			spy.tga	 350 1	1
    assassin		assassin.tga		assassin_info.tga		assassin.tga		500	1	1
    diplomat		diplomat.tga		diplomat_info.tga		diplomat.tga		50	0	0 <- changed
    admiral			admiral.tga		admiral_info.tga		admiral.tga		100	1	1
    Remember you'll have to change this for every culture.

    The first value is the cost of the diplomat the second or the third seems to be recruitement time I don't know wich value influence the unkeep cost.
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    Default Re: How to change agents cost and recruitment time

    The upkeep for all spies, assassins and diplomats can be changed by editing the descr_character.txt file

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