Saka- Blood boiling, rage inducing, blood vessel poppingly hard. This is not because it's mostly naturally difficult like for example, Parthia, where I was able after two decisive stack wipes was able to become master of Iran east the Zagros. No, the Saka campaign s you over with scripts at turn 30. I had just conquered the city of Baktria itself as well as Chach, the southern Tarim Basin and most of Baktria. Once I have finished off Baktria, I told myself, I would invade India and accomplish my main wish for the campaign. The scripting system had other ideas. To make a long story short, at turn 30 you get a massive rebellion in all of your lands and multiple rebel stacks spawn near your cities. The script description claims that defeating all these new rebel stacks would get rid of this sudden issue, however I later tested this and this was not the case. Even if you retake your now rebellious towns and exterminate the population, the magic public order debuff never goes away. Fun! If you want to play Nomadic indo-Iranian factions so badly, just save yourself the stress and play Parthia or the Sarmatians. If you really must play the Saka Rauka, play them in EB 1.