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Thread: Faction difficulty ratings (your help is needed)

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    Saka- Blood boiling, rage inducing, blood vessel poppingly hard. This is not because it's mostly naturally difficult like for example, Parthia, where I was able after two decisive stack wipes was able to become master of Iran east the Zagros. No, the Saka campaign s you over with scripts at turn 30. I had just conquered the city of Baktria itself as well as Chach, the southern Tarim Basin and most of Baktria. Once I have finished off Baktria, I told myself, I would invade India and accomplish my main wish for the campaign. The scripting system had other ideas. To make a long story short, at turn 30 you get a massive rebellion in all of your lands and multiple rebel stacks spawn near your cities. The script description claims that defeating all these new rebel stacks would get rid of this sudden issue, however I later tested this and this was not the case. Even if you retake your now rebellious towns and exterminate the population, the magic public order debuff never goes away. Fun! If you want to play Nomadic indo-Iranian factions so badly, just save yourself the stress and play Parthia or the Sarmatians. If you really must play the Saka Rauka, play them in EB 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_guy_4_you View Post
    Even if you retake your now rebellious towns and exterminate the population, the magic public order debuff never goes away.
    It does go away, it fades at the rate of 5% a turn.

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    Pergamon campaign on h/m. medium / easy in the begining of the campaign. becomes very easy midgame although this probably depends what happens elsewhere in the world.

    I fought the rebel stacks and took bithynia to begin with. This gets you making money. I found paying off the galatians fine (would go periodically into debt when necessary). Then took byzantium (allied state) followed by sinope. By this time ptolmey had taken sardis. They declared war on me so we fought a short war. Once I defeated their two main armies in asia minor and took sardis after a lengthy seige they never attempted to reinforce so the rest was just a formality of long sieges (i try to avoid assulting to give the enemy time to gather armies).

    After this you have so much money nothing much matters. I bought the other selucid settlement in asia minor and took crete. Fought a long but non impactful war with carthage for it before giving up. By this point kh had conquered all of greece bar one of epioros's provinces which was under siege. They then declared war on me. Selucids use this opportunity to betray me and declare war. I fight a naval war in the east with selucids and fight definsively in asia minor. Mean while I take most of greece slowly from kh. Once I had defeated greece I took the fight to the selucids and stalemated in iraq. It was a long way from my supply lines and bringing enough troops with generals attached required more logistics than I could be bothered with.

    From this point on keeping money below 50000 was the main challenge. I have a huge amount of artillery as money sinks.

    Rest of world update. Selucids are grey death. Simultaneously fought me, loads of stacks, hayastan, parthia, saba and takashi. Takashi admitedly were being beaten up by baktria but the rest only survived because I kept beating so many stacks and occaisonally
    gifting provinces. (I also gave money as tribute but have no idea what impact this had.) Once I made peace Parthia were fairly quickly destroyed. horded within 50 turns despite having taken 5 selucid starting provinces at the point I made peace (so were on 9 provinces I think). Rome is interesting. Have taken corsica but otherwise expanded north and west. Have been fighting it out in gaul gaining and losing provinces for the past 150 turns. Very nicely ballanced there. The pritonii have just been kicked out of western europe from a high point of 4 porvinces. Carthage has gone from almost all of iberia to only one province there but is solid in africa. KH have scilcily and ocaisionly nab sardinia or southern italy from rome/ carthage respectively. boi have done nothing and the rest of the north have expanded slowly / ocaisionally fought inconclusive wars.

    The galatian raids were fun affordable (just about) to pay off in the beginning and easy later on. This meant manpower was never significantly affected. There were fun and interesting but not too difficult.

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