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Thread: RodG 1.6 - Easy and painfree Installation

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    Default RodG 1.6 - Easy and painfree Installation

    General Information
    - The installation is a stand alone, full version - compiled from a fully updated RodG 1.51 plus the 1.6 beta patch
    - The installation will not interfere with other mods or previous versions, installation path = mods\RodG16
    - All credit unless otherwise noted goes to the original team as listed in the in game credits
    - The installation is Steam compatible, simply use the provided desktop shortcut

    - A fully updated installation of Medieval 2 Total War and a fully updated installation of the Kingdoms expansion with at least one campaign installed
    - Hard disk space of at least 11GB for the mod

    Download Links
    - Torrent file here at TWCentre

    Installation Instruction
    - Install all three parts, regardless of sequence, and make sure to install into the Medieval 2 Total War main directory, nowhere else!
    - Check the second post for Patches and Quick fixes and install those in sequence (patches first, fixes after)
    - Once completed, choose your language preference by clicking the related desktop shortcut (‘Text English’, ‘Text German’ or ‘Text Russian’)
    - Start the mod by clicking the ‘Rage of dark Gods 1.6’ desktop short cut, even if you are using Steam
    Recommendation: there is a installation video available by Jackie_fish that can be of great help.

    - Due to the large size of the installation it is advisable not to work with other programs during the installation process – it is known to have caused faulty installations
    - The installation of part 2 will appear frozen shortly at 1% and for a longer period at 99% - this is due to large files being processed. Do not interrupt the progress!
    - The installation is Steam compatible – simply use the desktop shortcut to start the mod

    Error Reporting
    - Locate the log in the Medieval 2 Total War\logs folder (if the folder does not exist run the mod again until crash)
    - Compress the log (7Zip is freeware) and attach it with your post or upload it at a service like MediaFire and provide the link
    - Post in this thread and describe the circumstances of the crash

    To avoid possible Virtual Store problems caused by the game's installation into the default directory follow this tutorial from step 3 and then delete the M2TW folder in the Virtual Store

    Version history
    1.6.022 - 19th November 2019
    combined all previous patches
    fixes battle crashes caused by wrong paths
    disables Lead Belcher unit due to crashes
    fixes script error in Orc reinforcement script
    1.6.019 - 14th March 2016
    reworked main goals for bright alliance during Storm of Chaos. Ostland dont need to protect Midden, Kislev and Dwarves must protect only Kislev);
    some new stratmodels added;
    New Minotaurs, added ogres with handcannons (Big thanks to creators COW: Beginning of The End Times(especially tomdoof, thanks mate ));
    fixed CTD issues with squigs, Chaos hounds, Dire Wolves (but more tests needed to be sure);
    new scripts of Great Deamons of Chaos arriaval, new unique scaven general - Queek Headtaker;
    new icons and infopictures for Scaven, Empire (for Empire big thanks to Ajpav from TWC);
    new infos for some dwarves units and greenskins;
    some changes to strategic balance. Empowered Ostermark, Stirland and Kislev; - bugfixes and major polishing.
    English translation (thanks anarmyofants and Derngar)
    adjusted references in descr_transition_screen
    corrected path and names of several projectiles (thanks TheEmperor)
    BAT file now displays error message at incorrect path
    1.6.007 - 13th January 2016
    added missing text in historic_events.txt
    disabled faulty Plagueclaw unit in EDU for custom battles
    disabled user interface during forced region changes
    corrected 'skaven attack for players' script
    translation for settlement names (thanks Malagant)
    changed configuration to 'windowed, borderless'
    fixed the artillery crash (thanks Metal_Izanagi)
    1.6.000 - 28th December 2015
    added missing text entry for Orcz_Camp_Province in imperial_campaign_regions_and_settlement_names
    corrected wrong religion total for Templehof and Senkehof provinces
    added missing name in text\names: {Ironskin}Ironskin
    added missing unit descriptions: sonsofmanann_mounted, Peasants
    corrected several duplicated character names in descr_strat
    corrected invalid placement for the settlement of Town_Drakenhof_Province (touches neighbouring region)
    introduced consolidated directory for unit info pics (saving over 600MB diskspace)
    corrected errors in Ork re-reinforcement script
    corrected errors in Skaven siege script
    provided multiple language text 'on demand'
    made start up Steam compatible
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