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Thread: [Basic Guide, EB 2.3] Hayasdan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anxo View Post

    Now they have not been defeated by taking their settlements - and keep respawning armies and FMs..
    Does anyone know the requirement to defeat Pahalava in this case?
    I have been chasing them around the desert defeating them, but even if I enslave captives, one army always retreats out of reach!

    They are a horde faction. You need to kill all the generals, don't let them live! If not, they will keep recruiting troops to try to recover their lands!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenosseGeneral View Post
    Thanks for the guide! It helped me greatly with choosing a faction for my Corona campaign, in EB 2.35. So far I am about 15 turns in and have concentrated on expanding on the Black Sea, where I had my heir conquer Kutaisi, Trapezous (I was lucky) and Ani-Pamah.

    I have one little addendum for your unit list: The Colchian Hoplites imho deserve a mention. I haven't really used them so far, but stat-wise they are at least equal to regular hoplites and they come in reasonable numbers (recruitment pool = 2) from Kutaisi even before your reform. With 7 armor, they can definitely be the heavy troops one lacks so much for city assaults. They are too few and too much of a logistical hassle to form the frontline once you aim to go imperial and expand beyond the Caucasus, but during your conquest of the neighbouring areas, a strike into Anatolia or the initial phase of a conflict with the AS they should be a valuable addition to your force.
    I'm glad this old guide is still of some use!

    I never got around to actually update this (or the Baktria guide) for 2.35, so there are several units (and scripts) not mentioned here.
    Perhaps - if I manage to get more time to play again - I'll update this in future. Until then this guide is reflecting EB 2.3 only, unfortunately.

    (Not even the pictures are working anymore as I just realized... )
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    A few things have changed since 2.35a R3 that you may be interested in:

    1. Drastic Foreign Military Colony overhaul, particularly in the Caucasus. No more Sarmatian Retinue nor Iranian/Anatolian Medium Cavalry, Aursans replaced by the Siraces, and a TON of Northwestern Caucasian Infantry available.

    2. The Seleucids no longer try to seek an alliance with you at the beginning of the game. Paying them tribute is also less likely to keep the grey beast sated.

    3. Pontos is more likely to conquer Trapezous on turn 1

    4. Caucasian Tribal Kingdom now requires a Town (800+ households) to build. This means Ani-Kamah and Kabalaka need a few dozen turns to grow into a Town, pushing back Caucasian unification that much. Even worse is if those wall-less settlements get snatched up by Pontos or the Eleutheroi who then sack/enslave them.

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