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    Default Good TGA Viewing Software

    Evening all,
    In search of good quality, free, legal, TGA viewing software. I've taken a bunch of screenshots for this game, but I've only now just realized that I can't actually see any of them because they're all TGA files. I've tried searching for TGA-viewing software on the internet, but all of the links pointed either to expensive "professional" software that I don't need, or to things that looked suspiciously like pirate sites (which I really don't need). If anyone on this board has any recommendations, please post. Rep may come (again, when I can actually give rep).

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    I predict you will fall madly in love with Paint.NET. I've been using it for years and it has absolutely no problem with .tgas (I use it for Modding), in fact, it handles them perfectly. You can open your .tga screenshots and save them as any other format (.jpg, .png) at the click of a button.

    It's a very high quality program and it's 100% free and legal.

    EDIT: Just realised I already recommended the program to you in your other thread. Have you tried it already?
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    Default Re: Good TGA Viewing Software

    Faststone Image Viewer is good too.

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    Default Re: Good TGA Viewing Software

    Well Lurch...

    I always felt that Irfanview was pretty clean and good. It can view and convert most formats, including TGA. As for rep... You probably need 25 posts to start spreading the shiny stuff. You are almost there, make a few fluff-posts somewhere (many people do on these boards) and your rep-power will be enabled within 1h or so, once you reached 25+ posts. Anyhow, a Irfanview link...

    - A

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    Default Re: Good TGA Viewing Software

    I'd say GIMP is a good program, it has many features that photoshop has and it is free.

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    GIMP isn't a very good choice if you're only looking for something to view pictures with, not edit them.

    I second Axalon's suggestion. Irfanview now has a 64-bit version, which helps a little with large files.

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    Thanks guys! I'll definitely check these programs out. Probably go with the simplest one, since all I need to be able to do is view the files in order to be able to select the ones I want to share/post.

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    Default Re: Good TGA Viewing Software

    I have installed SageThumb which enables the thumbnail view of a lot of formats including TGA (set your explorer view to max thumbnail size to make good use of it). It also enables conversion to popular formats, eg JPG, with just a simple right click which simplifies the upload of screenshots.
    More info and download here.

    Another similar utility is MediaPreview.
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