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    Default Relics of the Past

    This mod adds 17 custom ancillaries, the relics of the past, which you can pick up by sending your generals to historical sites. The Relics of the Past are composed of famous weapons, bodyguards from ancient warrior cultures and other historical objects.

    Steam download:

    The relics feature new ancillaries for all the three ancillary categories (items, apparels and companions). That includes:
    Items like the Shield of Leonidas, the Sword of Alexander the Great, the Falcata of Viriatus and apparels like Boudicca`s broken Crown, Helmet of Pyrrhus, Armour of Hannibal…
    The companions are elite troups from ancient cultures which have been destroyed before Attila`s timeframe which bring your general`s bodyguard unique bonuses. Those companions include Spartan bodyguards, Galatian Guards, the legendary Seleucid Silver Shields or the Praetorian Guard.

    How are the new ancillaries triggered?
    - The items/apparels can be found when your general is in the regions where the object historically was, for example you can find the Shield of Leonidas close to Themophylae.
    - The companions can be acquired by putting your general into a city which was famous for those troups, and letting him there for several turns while public order is high. Then those troups will start to rally and sooner or later pop up as an ancillary. An example: Station your general in Rome while public order is high and after a while he will have access to the Praetorian Guard as an ancillary.

    Items/Apparels: 5% chance per turn in region
    Alexanders` Sword – Arbela, Ctesiphon, Meshan
    Archimedes` Manuscript – Syracusae
    Hannibal`s Armour – Carthago, Constantina, Hadrumentum
    Scipio`s Armour – Carthago, Rhegium, Tarentum
    Boudicca`s Crown – Everywhere in Britannia Superior/Inferior
    Kopesh of the Pharao – Ptolemais, Augila, Paraetonium, Alexandria, Berenice
    Helmet of Pyrrhus – Dyrrhachium
    Spear of Cynane – Salona
    Shield of Leonidas – Thessalonica
    Sword of Spartacus – Neapolis
    Falcata of Viriatus – Pax Augusta, Emerita Augusta, Olisipo

    Bodyguards: 10 turns in city with public order >= 90
    Galatian Guard – Iconium, Ancyra, Caesarea Eusebia
    Macedonian Companions – Thessalonica
    Praetorian Guard – Roma
    Silver Shields – Antiochia
    Spartan Bodyguard – Corinthus
    Thracian Bodyguard – Everywhere in Thrace

    All in all 17 new relics of the past with 17 unique pictures (thanks, Rome 2) and unique descriptions are added, more will likely come if I get some new ideas.

    - Compatible with all other mods, but you must have the English version of the game.
    - Save-game compatible

    Will upload a full list of new ancillaries and where to trigger them later.

    Feel free to give own suggestions on what relics to add.

    Have fun
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    Default Re: Relics of the Past

    wow great idea great mode... can you add the mediafire link for download ... oh and another question would it be possible for someone to do a mode where you could also see the traits of enemy generals cause now when you check other armies of other factions the only thing you can see are the bonuses they get from certain traits ... i miss the old system where you could see the enemy generals traits and anchilaris and also age and stuff ... it was way more interesting like more ... it had way more of a story to the game ...

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    Default Re: Relics of the Past

    That's... Actually really cool. Quite ahistorical with some of the bodyguard units but, nevertheless, very cool.
    "Diversity in counsel, unity in command."
    - Cyrus the Great

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Chancellor View Post
    That's... Actually really cool. Quite ahistorical with some of the bodyguard units but, nevertheless, very cool.
    Thank you

    What I was thinking with the bodyguard units was that maybe a skilled governor could reinstate ancient warrior traditions (like the Agoge in Sparta) and so get those warriors to support him. Thus the trigger that public order must be high for 10 turns. I mainly implemented them all because they were some of my favorite units in Rome2, saving me many battles, so somehow their legacy will live on in Attila.

    ... But definitely ahistorical, I won`t argue about that

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    @Kaka92: mediafire will be added when I have added some more stuff that I have in mind, still got some ideas for some more ancillaries

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    I was trying to make one where the Christian relics (thorns, splinter, nails, remains etc) are available in the ancillary pool for the players faction from the start but can't seem to make it work and can only replace existing ones in a save game, what table am I missing?

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    I really enjoyed this mod. Is there still any way to play it? I cant find it on steam any more, and somehow it seems to have deleted itself from my mod list.

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