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Thread: Question on unit upkeep

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    Default Question on unit upkeep

    Hey Guys,

    I started a campaign as the Germans and got in high depts after just 2 turns. Thats wasn't too much of a surprise at first.
    It's a similar situation in other mods with the germans/Suebi (or call them what ever you want) and the economy recovers after
    caputering 3 or 4 other settlements.

    But unfortunatly not in this case. I mananged to conquer 4 other settlements all around my starting 2 camps and lost the better
    part of the starting army achieving this. So 2 effects at the same time - a larger dominion and a smaller at the same time.
    The situation with the economy is as following: Income per Turn 5.800, Expenses per Turn 4.600. My army is down to 9 units alltogether (including 2 generals).
    Rebels/Free People everywhere, the Gauls advancing on me from the west and no way to strengthen my army.

    So I do understand, that the starting game is supposed to be hard and challenging, but this is becoming more and more ridiculous.
    My question is, what am I doint wrong? What the hell do I need to do, so the eco becomes more profitable?

    Thx in advance.

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    Default Re: Question on unit upkeep

    I Experienced the same problem with partia, ihave 2 generals and 2 skirmish units 3 cities,and economy is loosing badly.
    my idea is putting the campaing difficulty level on very hard, in rtw very hard is bugged its give aplayer bonus money every turn.
    Wich in hope will compansate on the high upkeep levels.
    Btw Great mod devs !:}

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