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Thread: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

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    Default Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    Zhanguo: Total War Demo

    A Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion (Not Quite) Total Conversion developed by:
    Zhanguo Mod Team
    Modfoldered by Allevander

    This was the first mod for Rome Total War I downloaded when I first started playing 5 years ago. It was just a demo of a full scale mod planned for the Warring States Period of China. However the demo has its own map focusing on a more local conflict between some of the states along the Yangtze River.

    As you may or may not know, the Zhanguo mod and Sanguo mod (Three Kingdoms Period) were hosted on TWC one time ago, but were taken down due to moral and legal issues regarding their development. The Forums died and development continued elsewhere in Chinese. However, as unfinished this demo may be, it was still quite enjoyable and kindled my love affair for Chinese history and RTW modding. This is the mod that inspired me to try my own at modding. Unfortunately, contact with the original developers now seems essentially lost. So rather than it being lost forever, I decided to do something. According to permission rules of TWC, you need permission to use or edit other's content in your own mod. Modfoldering a non-modfoldered mod is apparently ok. The content is still the work of the Zhanguo Mod Team from nearly 10 years ago. All I have done is restructure the mod, update text files to work with a modfolder tag, and fix a few bugs. So since my own projects seem unlikely to release without current permission, and unless TWC policy becomes more lenient, I must ask if anyone has any way of getting in contact with either the original or former Zhanguo/Sanguo dev team, to ask if their models and textures may be used for future modding use by future modders.

    Unfortunately, somethings just can't be modfoldered, I've learned. Zhanguo TW has this epic main intro, which you will have to replace the vanilla
    file if you wish to see it when you play Zhanguo. However it will play for BI and any other BI modfoldered mod as well, so don't forget to make a backup.
    The intro is located in the fmv folder.
    Or you can just watch the video here, which kindly has still survived on Youtube.

    Three of the five factions do have their own intros for the campaign.
    There may be some residual roman buildings on the battlemap and cities.
    Also, the game may crash on exit if not using Steam; "BI has stopped working". I can't seem to figure why, but it doesn't affect any gameplay as far I can tell.

    I have also provided the original Chinese text, in the text folder. Make a backup of the English if you wish to use that.
    I am not responsible for any of the Translation, that was provided by the original Zhanguo Team as an English patch v1.14 I believe.

    If anyone has noticed any bugs or differences from the original mod, or knows how to fix them, please let me know,
    so that I may update the release within the scope of the original mod.

    So where can you download Zhanguo Demo? Right here! This post basically is the readme, though you should read it anyways...

    Unzip the download file (already done).
    Copy or move the "zhanguoD" folder to your Rome Total War installation in the 'bi' folder.
    Create a shortcut to your RomeTW-BI.exe file. Right click the shortcut, click properties, shortcut tab,
    copy in the following to the Target line:
    -mod:bi\zhanguoD -show_err
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-BI.exe" -mod:bi\zhanguoD -show_err
    Launch and Play!

    STEAM USERS (cause mod folders work on Steam):
    Right click Rome:Total War in your library, click properties, set launch options, copy in the following:
    -mod:bi\zhanguoD -show_err
    Click OK. Launch Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion and Play!

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    Default Re: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    Thanks for this! XD

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    Default Re: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    something went wrong here. read bellow:
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    Default Re: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    hey, i've downloaded this mod and expanded the map, fixed bugs, added new factions, etc. isn't there anyway i can post it around here? it's a kind of late spring and autumn total war

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    Default Re: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    Hi, I'm not certain about the permissions required by TWC if that's allowable or not. The problem is the original team created this 10 years ago and no longer are active (at least on this site). I myself was told that even modfoldering it was a "grey area", but okay since none of the content really was changed. I know there was a continuation of the full version by a team in Chinese, which I also hope to one day modfolder as well. But as for editing the content without permission seems to be frowned upon (though IMO against modding spirit), I'm not sure if you should post it. I myself have tried making derivative content (new textures, models, for new factions, new maps, new time periods) for personal use. It would be nice if those projects could be made public.

    I don't think there's a problem if you just PM anyone who wants it a link though. I'd be happy to take a look at your mod / see what you fixed.

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    Default Re: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    Quote Originally Posted by es157 View Post
    hey, i've downloaded this mod and expanded the map, fixed bugs, added new factions, etc. isn't there anyway i can post it around here? it's a kind of late spring and autumn total war
    I'd be willing to bet this would be fine as long as nobody's going and taking credit for somebody else's work, especially with a ten year old mod that has mostly been lost to the English speaking world. Like Allevander mentioned, the whole spirit of modding (and open source software and arguably the entire history of human science and technology ) is to build on the solid foundations left by those who worked on something before you.

    Maybe check with the TWC Gods in one of the relevant admin forums though, just to ensure everyone's happy in advance?

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    Default Re: Zhanguo Total War Demo: MODFOLDERED!

    I didnt thought that any one will post anything about Zhanguo Total War again ever since the Team is no more and the forum takes down the link. This version that is provided is it a full map of about 14 to 16 fraction ? I had accidentally deleted the original file of Zhanguo total war created buy Zhanguo modding team.. many years back... subsequently I manage to down load a chinese version Zhanguo total war at some China website.. which risk of virus infection.. lol ended up losing the file too..

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