Yeah, I meant, it might be rational if an elite heavily armoured cavalry taking down the footmen of Harad or Orcs even from the front, but while we're at it, even the lowliest Rohan Spear riders are also fares greatly when directly taking down spearmen from the front.

Usually this kind of thing are suicide in another mods I've played so far, but it was all started by Spears of The Shadow dominant Adunabar army attacking my all cavalry army as Rohan. After spending most of the Scouts arrows, I decides to sacrifice three Rohan spears and wheeling up the others to overwhelm the spears from the flank.

and somehow the 62-64 men Rohan Spear cavalry charging down into braced heavy spears... and I watch in awe as they only suffer small casualities (all has more than 57 men left in each unit), while the Spearmen get immediately slain in almost a third of their numbers (in 40s from 60s heavy spears, and in 60s from 100s with the grim spear). Keep in mind that the Rohan spears charged from the front and I'm not charging the rest of the cavalry yet (they do later and they broke, resulting in heroic victory)

I remembered playing another mod and usually, this is the very recipe of cavalry suicide, but still, for somewhat reasons (Decidedly Tookish battle difficulty), the Adunabar spearmen took a very loopsided casualities even when they're bracing for the impact (usually, in another mod, the bracing spearmen means they will take little casualities while the charging cavalry is utterly slaughtered)... so?

*And yes, maybe this is Rohan's speciality or things... I end up simply charging from the front more afterwards...