This mod is fantastic! In fact, so good I would have literally paid for it IF there were more units and factions.
I know that this is based on the Anglo-Sudan War and the Anglo-Zulu war but I honestly think (judging by the fantastic unit details of the British troops) that you should make a mod on Napoleon Total War set in 1850's-1890's Victorian era Europe. It may not be so "realistic" having Europe go to war with each other at the late 1800's but honestly, I couldn't imagine anything better than playing as the British Royal Army with the amazing pith helmets and making an invasion of France from the north and maybe even play as the Prussians against the French in the Franco-Prussian war.
It would be fantastic!
Yes, this mod is old but think of the potential. If you plan on doing such a mod, please contact me and I will be willing to research the historical side of things such as the weapons, uniforms and others.