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    Hey, here is my complaint about NTW. It's almost the time for uninstall that game forever. At the beginning year ago I lost lots of points by no reason. (2k points per a day also I was not online). But today I have won a ranked battle. Then when I look to my rank points I saw I became a 1 star from 6 and my rank points became 6k from 36k. I've just restarted steam and hosted a battle it seema I got 5 star but still got 6k points. How can I fix it? And is there any way to get my lost points?

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    BTW I hosted 1 unranked game against cpu to see my points at the final results. It seems I got 33k points there. It means I lost 3k points however I won on ranked.. It's really annoying thing please help me.

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