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    I've a problem with my graphics, as you can see from that screenshot my soldiers have yellow clothes and i find that very annoying how can i fix this? or is this a normal thing in game, you have it too?


    This one says my drivers are not updated but it is impossible i am very sure they are updated:

    Sorry for my english, im new at the forum but i am not new at TW (since 2007 )

    and pls help i am starting to hate to play TW:A

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    There is an option in "Game options" which says "Alliance Colouring". I am not sure what the translation is. Turn that back off (it's off by default), and it should work :-)

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    Thank you a lot it worked!! i love TW:A now

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    I had this issue as well, a while ago. Couldn't figure out what is was.

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    Ha! thanks for that! I had no idea why my guys were running around in bright yellow uniforms and the opposition were in red. Now I know

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