Hi guys,

It's been a while that I decided to play again.

I looked all over the place for some mods I used back then but most of them have disappeared.

So I made some and think it's a good idea to share them.

1. Double Prestige Realm Divide

prestige_level_emperor_acknowledgement 40
prestige_level_public_knowledge 80
prestige_level_realm_divide 220
prestige_level_shogun_threat 150

Imo this is better than increase those to some extreme values. I know many hate RD but imo it's more fun just too soon in the vanilla.
I also change max adult age for family member to 17 so they'd come to age a bit ealier.

2. Change trade routes cap per port to 10. So you can play Chosokabe and trade.
But this I haven't done much testing yet. The port does display + 10 trade routes but I'm not sure it really works.
Not a big fan of Chosokabe so sorry.

3. Change agents cap to 10. So you can recruit more agents. Of course you still need to build 10 temples to recruit 10 monks etc.

For installation just unzip, put the pack files into your data folder. Then look for the ModManager v2.0 to enable them and play.